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    Hi everyone...

    I am an scandinavian living in Thailand.
    Have been interesting in trading for 2 years.

    I started with but i found there 24 dollar minimum investment a litle to high for my strategy.
    Then i change to another broker where minimum investment is 5 dollars.

    3 weeks ago i wanted to withdraw some money true bank wire nothing happend they do not ansver my emails and it looks like they have bloked me on the live chat?

    i then whent back to the site and chancel my withdraw, and then again i was trying to withdraw but this time true my visa debit card and a much smaller amount, i got tru to the live chat and a guy named Steven promissed me that they will transfer the money to me monday 15-07-2013.

    I really like to trade binary options but i need my money cause i have a hospital bill i need to pay here in Thailand i had a motorbike accident.
    Does any of you people in this forum no anything on i would like to hear.


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    Have been using Optimarket platform for a couple of weeks as was recommended by a trader I follow on YouTube. Have been a couple of glitches and did loose website once. Not really used long enough to make any real comments but did request my first WD. Will see hw that goes. Oh I have e-mailed support twice and still haven't gotten a response other than they received my e-mail. Have also tried to do live chat with no response. NOT GOOD SIGNS!

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    Have been posting my Optimarkets on another thread. Will move over to this thread for future posts.

    Have been trading for a few weeks with some glitches.
    * After trading for a couple of weeks was told I needed to send in Docs to continue trading. Was told my volume was too high.
    Did so and was able to continue trading.
    * I then requested a withdrawal as wanted to see what would happen. That was back on 2/7/14. I
    finally received an email this morning that my WD was proceeding so will see how long it takes.
    * Also Tues. Feb. 18 I started experiencing a new problem. (Reference ID 21) Went to Chat, Betty.
    who told me that because of the number of Trade (525 +) and $ volume (excess of $8000) I
    would need to upgrade my account. Talked to support and was told only one who could help me
    was my Broker. Will be a week tomorrow and still the problem has not been addressed. Broker
    did take the time to send me an email stating he was going to be out of office for week.
    Kind of left me hanging.
    Adventure continues.

    I like the platform as I trade 5 minute and 60 sec expiry and they offer $5 trades. Course none of this helps if you cannot trade and also are not sure if you will get any of your money back.

    Will keep on posting for Optimarket review.

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    Copy of email sent to Optimarkets this morning. The non response and disrespect shown to me by Optimarkets Broker finally got to me. I am not expecting any response although finance is only part of Co. that has responded and been of help. Will have to wait and see.



    To: [email protected]

    I wish to close my account, Name Blocked, because of
    lack of support from both support and also a complete
    LACK OF INTEREST by Broker "Jason Travis" concerning my problems.
    I have sent (34) emails requesting HELP and other than (1) email
    from support informing me Jason was the only one who could help me
    I have heard nothing addressing my problem.

    I have a $200 WD request in process. Do I need anymore Docs in order
    to do a bank wire for remaining balance? If so PLEASE inform me so I can
    get you all information you may need.

    Hopefully you will respond a bit quicker than Jason has.

    Name withheld

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    I joined Optmarkets yesterday, After I joined them I noticed that there is a lot of negative review about it on the internet. Should I forget about 200$ deposit or did some of you actually get a withdrawal from them?

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    I just clicked on the profile tab in the optimarkets and this is what I found "DEMO ACCOUNT DETAILS". Even though I deposited 200$ in it says that it is a demo account. I read somewhere that a person had to upgrade before he could withdraw. So I think it is part of the scam. They might ask the person to deposit even more money to upgrade.

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    Why are you trying guys to deposit your hard earned money into such bucket shops?? This broker is widely unknown from the community and there are not enough positive comments on it to know that you can trust it.

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    Your own review says that BOTS thinks Optimarkets is a legit Broker.

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    Continue to have Reference ID 21 problem with Optimarkets. Going on two weeks now and still unable to get a response from Broker "Jason Travis." Have sent multiple e-mails but it has become apparent that he has no intention of helping me.
    Here is latest e-mail to Support: (in defense of Support I can say that they do respond to e-mails although not all e-mails and not real fast)

    Two weeks now and still no RESPONSE from my assigned Broker Jason. Isn't there someone there who is interested in Customer Support who can HELP ME? It appears that Jason doesn't have time or RESPECT for your Companies clients to take time to even send an e-mail.


    Here is latest e-mail to Broker Jason Travis:

    Still no help on my Reference ID 21 problem.
    Here's another idea... Why don't you assign my account over
    to another Broker? One who might have an INTEREST in in
    HELPING me.

    Been TWO WEEKS and I can't even get a response from you.
    As usual

    Not a whole lot more I can say. Have requested a WD and will need to wait till end of next week to see if anything happens.

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