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    Investors bought Japanese currency !!!

    Yen has strengthened against the US dollar as the disappointing data from the US unemployment spurred buying the Japanese currency. Forex pair USDJPY during the previous trade recorded the bottom at 97.25 and it consolidated at 97.50.

    Yen strengthened against the euro,pound and franc. EURJPY fell to 134.16. GBPJPY sank to 157.42. CHFJPY dropped to 18.70.

    Compared to the Canadian, Australian and New Zealand dollar the yen has also strengthened. CADJPY fell to 94.39. AUDJPY dropprd to 94.08 . NZDJPY has weakened to 91.39.

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    yen strength adds fuel to the arguments being put forth in Japan that Abenomics and the BOJ are not doing enough. Perhaps the BOJ will be prodded into acting before the second quarter of next year like they said.

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