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    FREE 10 Binary Options Singals from 75 to 94 Success Rate !!!

    Hi Folks,

    Finally after hard working and big money invested me and my programmers created
    binary trading software for 1 hours and 24 hours binary trading. After testing in last 5 month,
    we earn about 30% monthly using the software.

    The software currently works with:
    XAU/USD (gold)

    Our software works best with these pairs, but in a future we are planning to ad more pairs
    to trad one binary. I can send hourly signals or 24 hours signal directly to email.

    So here is my offer: I offer 10 free signals for you to be sure it works and then 100$ monthly fee to my paypal, payza or STP account. With my software you can get from 1 to 3 signals daily, sometimes you will not get any single signal per day. My soft also tracking news events, has top technical analysis methods and indicators and sometimes on noisy market you will not get any signal, basicaly per month you can expect to get at least 15 signals, you can't win each signal – it is impossible, but from 75 to 94% success rate it guarantee.

    If you afraid, you can test it with your demo account and I will send you your first 10 signals. PM me or skype me: tadas.luksys

    Tadas Luksys

    P.S. I am personally working with 5000$ in my trading account and I am happy, so I want to make residually too!

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    Thats exactly Binary Options Bullet....LOL

    PD.: Read the rules before posting


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    Wow, I've been waiting for such software. Wow, wow and now it's finally here... amazing. But I wont pay you 100 bucks, instead I will pay you 1000 bucks every month if you can PROVE me I can get an average 75% to 94% EVERY MONTH!!!. After the first 6 successful months (accuracy 75 to 94 percent), I will start paying you 1000 per day and after the first year of such amazing accuracy I will pay you ONE MILLION DOLLARS per month.

    Do we have a deal?

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    Can I take that deal? : o )
    Disclaimer: All signals will be sent 10 minutes after expiry.

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    LoL!!! Sorry, it expired

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