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    Just to understand this: !!!

    When I want to see an EMA of a higher TF on a lower TF, do I just multiply by the number of candles?

    If I want to see the SMA(10) of H1 on a 15M chart ... so, do I just drop an SMA(40) on my M15 chart? ... is it really the same? ...

    And if it is, does that go for every other MA? Exponential, Weighted ...?

    And maybe even for every other indicator, too?

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    yes, that is right, you will get the same SMA value for forex
    SMA 20 in daily charts means:

    SMA 120 in H4 charts
    SMA 480 in h1 charts
    SMA 1920 in 15minutes charts

    if you traded stocks it will be different
    SMA 20 in daily charts could mean:
    SMA 40 in h4 charts
    SMA 160 in H1 charts
    SMA 640 in M15 charts

    all depend on how many candle visible in charts, this should be the same if you use simple, exponential, or weighted.
    for other indicators, I think will be the same
    example: Stochastic, MACD
    because all of them derived from moving average calculation (never dig deep to that level but I think will be the same).

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    Many thanks, hchandra! ... as the answer may seem obvious, I wasn't sure about that ...

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