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    Twitter on the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday! !!!

    Twitter has raised the extent of the price its initial public offering by 25%, due to strong investor demand ahead of the start of trading on the Stock Exchange at the end of this week.

    The company has said that the price of the shares to move between $23-$25. Previously announced were the prices between 17-20 U.S. dollars.

    The sale will be 70 million shares whose value potential to increase to $ 2 billion. This will be the biggest initial public offering since when Facebook appeared on the Stock Exchange in May 2012th year.

    The final price of the public offer Twitter will be released tomorrow, and the actions of the social network, called "TWTR", will start trading on the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday.

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    Definitely an interesting event. Everyone likes to cite potential problems with companies like Facebook and twitter as far as an inability to generate revenues. But I think it is fair to say that these companies have gotten the most free advertising in history, and that is a clear benefit.

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    That’s great news! I hope we will see soon a binary option on Twitter. I am interested on such post IPO companies, because they often change their valuation very fast and with significant predictability, like everyone of us remember Facebook weird price movements.

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    Analysts are still not convinced on Twitter can currently earn on 70 million shares that will be available on the market and still remains a big question mark. Prices have reached $ 28 per share.

    Twitter has attracted 230 million users, but did not manage to record profits. Losses in the third quarter of 2013th year rose from 21.6 million in the same period 2012th even at 64.6 million.

    Twitter on the market - hit or miss?

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    Twitter off to a solid start, downside risks are there

    The microblogging site opened to much fanfare at $45.10 a share. This represented a 73% jump from its initial offer price of $26. The intraday high was $50.09 with 117 million shares traded. The company’s market cap is already almost $25 billion.

    Analysts had already been clear early on that TWTR would open much higher than the IPO price. Interestingly, much of the official information on the Twitter IPO yesterday came through Twitter.

    Twitter is increasingly being seen as a mobile ad play by institutional investors who recognize the fast pace growth of mobile ads. The question remains about how internet content stocks like Facebook and Twitter can generate revenues.

    The good news for us is that we can trade binary options on Twitter.

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    Twitter Revenue Sources

    More than 90% of Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) revenue is via advertising, which exceeded $153 million in Q3, up 123% from the same period last year.
    The other revenue sources are data licensing contracts ($15 million - Q3) which are up 11%. Twitter has 232 million monthly users.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    The value of stocks Twitter first day of release in the stock increased by as much as 73%. The second day, it was evident that the achieved high prices of stocks not only unable to maintain.

    Stock prices fall still not below the initial value, but a downward trend is inevitable. Economic experts said that from other activities to Twitter 2015th year will not make a significant profit.

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    Twitter plans to change the appearance of the profile as the most read posts and trends followed, Bloomberg says.

    Twitter wants to hold more related to site their customers, because it makes money from advertising. According to recent estimates, Twitter has around 230 million users.

    This social network earlier this week introduced the ability to send images in private messages between users. Experts estimate that Twitter in the coming period will have greater growth and profits compared to Facebook.

    Twitter's shares on the New York Stock Exchange today is worth 52 dollars, which is twice the value of shares in its IPO 6 November.

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