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    Exclamation Trading, Profit, Donate to the Victims of the Horrible Typhoon Haiyan !!!

    Hi Guys,

    One of the most important assets of a community is to be able to give back to the ones who need. Rescue and recovery organizations from around the world are pouring into the storm-battered Philippines, where Supertyphoon Haiyan, inflicted widespread devastation. Among us are quite a few Philippino traders, may you be strong.

    If you want to make a donation for those children lost their homes, you can do it. Check out UNICEF -


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    Thanks Martin,

    I appreciate for whatever kind of donation for my fellow filipino and donate it directly to unicef and other international organization..

    Also I will add to this thread.. You can also donate directly from one of philippines Non government Foundation : Kapuso Foundation and make cash deposit via CC from one of their bank directly.


    We are strong people yet this storm was really bad to almost destroy almost half of entire philippines.
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    Thank you for sharing this Pinoy! We all would like to help you in this battle with the natural disaster and hope that you will be strong enough to return back to normal life.

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    thanks a lot for posting this, the Philippines need our help. A lot of the victims are still struggling until now, many of them lost their homes and their loved ones.

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