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    Question Marketsworld !!!

    Does any one know any thing about Marketsworld? They accept U.S. customers and apparently we can trade currencies, They offer a free demo account that doesn’t require a deposit.

    According to their FAQs, their minimum account is just $20 / £20 / €20 and the minimum trade is are $1 / £1 / €1 per trade, and per their webpage, are licensed and regulated in Great Britain by the Isle of Man GSC

    I am just learning about Binary options. My intention is to start with 100-200 USD. To be conservative I would like to keep my trades to 1-2% of my account. All I've seen so far with other brokers is 10 $ minimum trades requirements

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    Markets World is scamming me I believe. !!!

    They have a demo,and you can start as low as 10 bucks.So after demo'ing for quite some time,I figured I would get my feet wet with $25 account.I've noticed sometimes they will deposit your money after a minute,other times 5 min or longer.I understand contracts expire,and it may take a few minutes to post.But I wrote down when the contract expired,my strike price and results.Contacted them via chat tonight.They are forwarding it to their claims dept.This has happened before,but I let it slide.I'm done with this site,just glad I did not invest hundreds.Anybody have had any experience with Marketsworld?

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    I started out good,but their shady. !!!

    They would manipulate the expiry times so you would finish OTM. Wish I would have done my homework.

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    Thumbs up !!!

    MarketsWorld seems to be very low level binary broker. When you want to start trading don’t consider such bucket shops where you could start with as low as 20$, but this is the only positive thing, everything else is pure scam.

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    Hi guys,

    We have a review of my chat session with a MarketsWorld representative. The questions were general and I presented only my initial opinion about that broker. As we have complains from greenhorn here, a more detailed review of this broker will be needed in the future to confirm or refuse its scam behaviour.

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    marketsworld is a gaming site. they are regulated by the Isle of Mann GSC(gaming security commision) they may be trying to be on the level but I have my doubts. I have a review in the works, keep an eye out for it when its done.

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    marketsworld !!!

    I'm sure you all have heard of marketsworld by now. Kolyo put up a nice piece after he checked out their live chat. One thing I found out about them is that their so-called UK regulation is by the Isle of Man GSC. GSC is the gambling supervision commission. This means that Marketsworld has a gamling license, it is basically a casino. What do you think about that?

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    Been using Markets World now for a couple of weeks. Not a fan of their platform and I don't like that there is a pip difference between the price at expiry and the price they give you at expiry. There always seems to be between a 3-6 pip difference. And I'm getting their numbers from their own platform. For example, just now, I closed a put ITM for EUR/GBP at 0.85170 at 20:00:00, however putting the cursor on their own chart at exactly 20:00:00, the price showed 0.85167. Granted, I closed ITM, but it very easily could not have been.

    As I said, I also don't like their platform. It's easy to use, but I would like to see more flexibility in charting, such as being able to see the charts of various offerings side-by-side instead of being stacked on top of each other. That's no big deal though. I would also like more flexibility in expiry times. You typically only have one that's at most 15 minutes away or 45 minutes away. Then there is one for end-of-day also. I haven't done a withdrawal, yet, so I cannot speak for that, but they sure want a ton of documentation. Will let you know when I cross that bridge.

    On the plus side, Markets World gives a free non-ending demo account. Additionally, they will accept a deposit of a minimum of $20 US to open a live account with a minimum trade of $1 US. This gives newbies a good opportunity to trade without risking a lot of money.

    To be truthful, I will probably transition to another broker once I start trading with more volume and higher amounts-per-trade, but for now, they get the job done.

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    Good thing I found this thread - I saw one of their promotions and thought I'll give them a try but reading this thread saved me some time & money.

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