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    Hot Tip from the Geek – SP500, Apple, EUR/USD 11/11-18/2013 !!!

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    Originaly posted by Michael Hodges.

    The Unstoppable S&P 500

    S&P 500
    Call/Put = Call
    Entry = Below 1770
    Expiration = One Week

    Now that the Fed meeting, the ECB meeting, the NFP, GDP and Debt Ceiling are all behind us (for now) there is not much to give the market pause. The long term trend in the SPX is up. Momentum is bullish and stochastic is bullish. There are still some divergence in the indicators but that could change soon. While the indicators are still on the rise we can not officially call the current peaks divergent. For now, at least in the longer term, the index is drifting up above and making new highs. The trend is nice and steady, not too strong and looking bullish.

    In the shorter term stochastic has retreated below the upper extreme to moderate levels. The MACD is mildly bearish but the 12 month analysis of it and the stochastic show support along the long term trend line. Adding to that the last three MACD peaks are very strong and suggest that bullish momentum is not yet played out in this time frame. I am trading calls with one week of expiry and a target entry below 1770.

    Apple Innovates Again?

    Call/Put = Call
    Entry = Below $520
    Expiration = One Month

    I heard a whisper this morning that leads me to believe that Apple is still on top. I heard on the new, CNBC, that Apple could be on track to release a curved screen device in the near future. After further investigation this whisper received some confirmation on the internet. This could be the next major innovation for the company and a sign it is still number one. I am trading a one month call on Apple with a target entry below $520.

    Euro Momentum

    Call/Put = Put
    Entry = Above 1.3395
    Expiration = One Week
    The EUR/USD has been falling hard. Short term momentum is bearish and very strong. At the same time the pair if forming an interesting symetrical triangle in the near term that is below a previous support zone. I am bearish on this pair in the near term simply on momentum. I am trading a put with a one week expiration and a target entry above 1.3395

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    quick update on the Geek Account. My current win streak is 11 trades and counting, I have 8 open trades with 6 in the money, account balance is +12.81% from inception/+18.35% if you count the open trades.

    My winning percentage for the current week is 100% and 94% for the month. My all time average on CT is 55.3%. My best assets on CT are Gold and SPX, trading calls.

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