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    Vault Options !!!

    I keep seeing these comments on forums from people claiming to use vault options and having all this success with it. Does anyone have any personal experience with this site?

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    There are a lot of comments from last few weeks on vaultoptions, but for sure they are from their affiliates running around and talking about this company. This company is an example of all these shady brokers out there, which use unfair practices to trap newbie traders to deposit!

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    Hi, marvel. You are absolutely right! We are not banning any users for now, because we want to give all new participants in our Trading Community to introduce themselves to our rules and policy and to show what their real intentions are. This way we could easily find which ones want to participate positively in the discussions and which ones are here just to promote one or another broker or signal provider. We have strict rules which allow broker or signal services promotion but it is allowed only in specific rooms and only for users with at least 6 good posts. So the best way for everyone to ensure his comfortable stay in BOTS Forum is to follow strictly our rules!

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    Question Vault Optiopns !!!

    Quote Originally Posted by j.drake6 View Post
    I keep seeing these comments on forums from people claiming to use vault options and having all this success with it. Does anyone have any personal experience with this site?
    I also need to know about Vault Options. I signed up with them for the $100 you get to play with.
    Then got the phone call doing the hard sell sales pitch suggesting I need to deposit thousands to warrant their attention.
    They then offer generous bonuses if I deposit right then. I didn't but like their description of how they help you make
    thousands with binary options trading. They offer no street address so asked the sales guy and he gave me one that
    seems suspicious. By what I can tell it's a vacant building. Searched corporations and businesses in New York and there
    is no such listing as Vault Options. Hmmmmm. Might not be depositing money with them.
    Have written to Better Business Bureau to see if they can confirm this business exists.
    Can anyone here offer me any confirmation or denial about Vault Options?

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    Dear LLLNZ,
    I never eared of them, (except for some users in this forum that, like marvel said, are probably their affiliates) but reading your story doesn't leave any doubt that you don't want to trade with them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by binarydaily View Post
    Dear LLLNZ,
    I never eared of them, (except for some users in this forum that, like marvel said, are probably their affiliates) but reading your story doesn't leave any doubt that you don't want to trade with them!
    Absolutely, binarydaily. VaultOption is a bucket I think and no promoting posts and offensive marketing will help them to increase their popularity. To LLLNZ I could say, don’t waste your time and money to investigate them, move to better and trusted binary options broker!

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    I have a personal experience with vaultoptions and is the worst. I like to warn anyone considering this broker. I do not recommend them. I opened an account with them at the beginning of April 2013 with $10,000. I sent $5,000 through credit card and $5,000 by wire transfer. They assigned me a broker, Melvin Cruz. Back then I didn't know anything about how brokers work and I trusted the guy. He guided me through several trades and I lost money. I later managed to recuperate it all on my own. I made a small profit of $231.03. Since May 2013 I've been trying to withdrawal my funds ($10,231) and they have only returned me the money that was put through credit card. They don't respond my calls; they reassigned me an agent, but won't tell who he is. They have a chat, but nobody can respond anything about my case. I've tried for 2 months now to withdrawal my funds ($5,231.03) but nothing. I've never received bonus money in my account, so there is no real reason why they don't return me my money. They are thieves and I hope nobody is deceived by this broker any longer.
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    VaultOptions is not among the trusted brokers in BOTS. If your case is real that is strong warning against this broker. It is not normal in our time to have such pirates which only steal our money and nobody could fight against them. We have to boldly worn everybody to not work with brokers with bad reputation. You must continue to search for your money even if it is needed to warn the respective authorities in your country.

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    Thumbs up Organized Crime finds a new Wall St. Platform; Don't bet more than you afford to lose !!!

    Vault options? Let me tell ya'll all about these intimidating bunch of criminals. It all started in February, 2013 when I too was talked into depositing $300. rrivera has a similar story. I was immediately hit hard for more money. Guy (that's what he called himself) finally talked me into- depositing $1000. I was making money, at first. Long story short, from a total of $16681.00 to $291.60 in three days. Bad luck, right? Now I have been in a two-month battle to retrieve that. Yesterday (Friday) I finally was able to speak to someone (another senior broker-my fourth). We went round-and-round for almost an hour. Results: He tried the well-worn bs about by next Friday, he promised. I said "No offense to you but, BULLSH&T! Who is holding it up?" "Accounting" "Please connect me with accounting" "I cannot do that...They do not have incoming call lines." "Really? Who is your supervisor?" "Can't tell you" "You, as a customer service rep (which is a misnomer) Have a customer with a problem that you are unable to resolve. To whom do you refer that customer's complaint?" "............Me" "Ok, we are not gonna get any farther as each of us refuse to back down so let's just call this conversation over"
    I know, long story short. This morning (Saturday) He called me 18 times from 4 different phones. 1 Unavailable, 1 Restricted, 763-710-7924, and 916-259-9381 which I am told is Sacramento, CA. USA. He started out saying I was having a law suit brought up against me (never said why). Fifteen minutes later he will only address me as "[email protected]" and started discussing my ancestry and how he has f#$%ed everyone of them (wife and three daughters, even my mother). This was followed with terrorist bombing my house. "Have you heard of Pakistan? Do you know Obama? etc. etc." I hung up (again) and called the sheriff's department. A completely-arrogant-empty-between-the-ears deputy who laughed and said it is just bill-collectors or scams, nothing to worry about. It was not his wife and little girls that were threatened.
    I too tried the BBB in New York (I live in Colorado) and finally hooked up with a very helpful, respectful man named Walter Brewster 212-358-2854 (leave msg. He will return your call). He was able to point to the Virgin Islands. I have dug deep into this crime crew. They have many, many offices all over the world under the name i-Options Global Group 2012 LTD BVI headquartered at P. O. Box 3174, Road Town Tortula, BRITISH Virgin Islands. Tupalo, LTD is listed as the service provider for ioptions and are not allowed by the Financial Services Authority to conduct financial services in the United Kingdom. There are phone numbers for seven overseas branches ranging from Cyprus, South Africa, and surprise! China. ioptions telephone number is shown as 357.220.30679, fax 357.220.30642. One location seems to me to stand out more than others although I can not pin down why. ioptions Group, LTD 10 Yianni Krandicti St. Nicosia, Cyprus. Email: [email protected].

    Sorry for the long post but when I saw this website with the forum about Vault Options, I couldn't believe it. I have more, and still digging, information. I am very upset. They called, harrased, and threatened death to myself, my wife, and my beautiful little girls. They all have an accent that seems eastern European, though I am not qualified to guess. They all sound like they could be cousins or brothers, all speaking loudly in a crowded, busy room.

    And all this over $291.60. Sometimes I worry about us.

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    Thank you very much for sharing with us wes goodwin,

    We hope for quick resolution of your case. The best way to avoid failing into scam brokers is to read carefully all the reviews and articles on BOTS site. Than you will have more knowledge and information how to distinguish genuine from false and scam oriented broker!

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