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    Luder !!!

    Hello friends,

    My name is Luder. I am very new to binary options trading. Actually I posted this discussion on "Introduce myself section". Now I guess that's not the place where I should post it so I am posting it here because I didn't receive any replies.

    Just read and pass on some suggestions.

    Yes.., I am starting to understand the mechanism of trading gradually! A very big problem for me is this - I am very bad in following news particularly business news!

    All my years so far I had no need to understand or watch the markets! I never developed any habit of watching even the general news like most people do. Once in a seminar discussion few years ago during my college days I was asked who is our President. Guess what!? I couldn't recall or to say frankly I didn't know!! My girlfriend sitting next to me whispered the answer; she is my wife now! Okay, coming to the point..,

    Out of some adrenaline push or poor judgment I joined the Binary Options game!! Accounted with broker; lost some money; trying demo. Actually doing better or understanding better when it comes to reading charts, applying indicators, trying to use strategies and all such stuff. But I tend to ignore the fundamental analysis altogether. Reason is simple.., don't know how to grasp news information.., I read a lot.., Bloomberg, financial times, Investopedia, Forbes all that. But nothing sticks or to say rightly very few topics make sense, I mean, to me because I don't have any previous knowledge about the topic or information I am reading.

    What is the solution? Get out from Binary Options business?? No, I don't want to; not so early at least!!

    But I am sure my BOTS forum friends can help me. Suggest me something I was not able to come up with.

    The best solution for guys like me..,


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    Was that the best possible title? LOL. Here's an article by Richard about news trading Binary Options. It'll sure help you understand the basic rules of engagement. Ofcourse, this is just the tip of the fork. If you use the Forum search bar you'll sure find more discussions regarding news trading.

    And... Thread is opened for discussion (:

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