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    Hot My first deposit for binary options trading was !!!

    I am starting a new poll to find out what is the most often initial deposit for binary options trading among the traders in CT.

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    Rookie Member Jacob's Avatar
    If I remember correctly, It was $1500
    Definitely too much for a first deposit

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    Active Member jephry88's Avatar
    My first deposit was 500$. It was great experience, but unfortunately I lost it after two months of trading.

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    Junior Member Daniel W's Avatar
    $200. Keeping it on the safe side :X

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    My first ever was a $450 deposit..

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    Pfew, should look it up. Have forgotten it

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    Active Member botsog's Avatar
    my first deposit was $100 and of course, I LOST IT

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    Senior Member dorrian's Avatar
    Mine was 500$ and it was good experience even with the final result – I lost it, but the next one was much better and it never happen again

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    Quote Originally Posted by botsog View Post
    my first deposit was $100 and of course, I LOST IT
    This happens to everyone. The main thing to remember is that it is not the size of your account but the way you use it. I guess that sounds like I am making a joe, but its true. Account size is meaningless, it is the relative size of your positions that matters.

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    I don't remember how much I deposit for the first trade but I have lost it. I think binary is easier than forex but it's eassier to lose. Now I have an account in option trade and I hope I can get back what I lose.

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