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Thread: Hi to all

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    Hi to all !!!

    Hi to all

    My apologies for not addressing you personally by name!

    I came across this site and have read with interest Terry Allen´s contributions and posts.

    I am one of a number of UK investors who deposited monies with Terry Allen on the promise of high returns. Total deposits to him were in the region of 1.2 million sterling deposited directly with him in the US. I hasten to add at this stage that Terry Allen was thought to be a trusted aquaintance of many of my friends and associates in the UK

    His promises to deliver ofcourse, never materialised and he became increasingly abusive, difficult to deal with and eventually blamed just about every worldwide crisis and individual for not releasing the proceeds of his "funds" of which there were numerous.

    During this time, he married an Amercian woman by the name of Chrissy. This, ofcourse, enabled him to relinquish to some degree, his UK Citizenship and absolve himself from UK legal responsibilties.

    To cut a very long story short, I would be very interested and grateful if you would be willing to share with me your dealings with Terry Allen?

    I also understand that he has, allegedly defrauded some US investors too. I believe we met them when we met with Terry in Sugarloaf PA with his wife on several occassions.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon,

    Best regards

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    Hi patrickb,

    Welcome to our trading community!

    I moved your post to Introduce Yourself Room, because here is the place for intro posts.

    To comment on your questions I have to say that CommuniTraders is not dedicated for personal conflicts resolutions and probably here is not the right place to present such a rough accusation against Terry Allen. We know him only as a contributor to our forum with his analyzes and commentaries and don’t know anything on his outside businesses. Terry was not authorized to promote or sell any kind of products in this forum. As far as I know he had no comments in CommuniTraders on his outside jobs at all.

    We couldn’t agree with these allegations, without profound evidences confirming them. Unfortunately Terry is no longer working for CT and probably will not respond to the presented claims here.

    If a certain member of our forum is indeed not qualified to serve BOTS Trading Community – a place committed to fight against any kind of scams, he will not be here for sure.

    Nevertheless, just like we do with brokers - we need to check these matters which much care and make sure not to falsely accuse any broker or person of scam.

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