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Thread: Greetings :)

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    Greetings :) !!!

    Hi guys

    Found the forum this evening so decided to join.

    IT contractor by day, run a second business by night, but having had decent trading success in the past (with shares) and enjoying the technical aspect of charting decided to investigate binary options.

    Looking to develop a decent charting system to win more times than I lose!

    I look forward to gleaning some much need pearls of wisdom from the more experienced guys, and possibly even offering some myself



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    Solid Member DeborahB's Avatar
    Welcome Jason,
    Glad you found this awesome site. This is a great forum. I'm sure you will learn a lot of valuable information. I also find when I look at other places on the internet about BO for info, I then compare what BOTS has to say about the has saved me a lot of time.

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    Hi Jason,

    Welcome to CommuniTraders!

    We are glad to invite you to join our binary options trading community. It is great you have previous experience in trading on the stock market. It will help you a lot to adapt quicker to binary options trading. Join all the discussions you like and communicate with other traders. You will find here like minded people for sure.

    Best regards,
    CT Team

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    Hello Jason,

    Welcome to our forum! What are your plans for binary options trading? What kind of instrument you will trade and what time frame you will select. I am trading both intraday and weekly trades with good sucess rate, but there are some tricks and tweeks to be done in order to suceed in this venture. Trading single stocks is very appealing to me but still difficult to adapt, because of the greater volatity and unpredictable moves when company news are anounced. I prefer trading commodities, currencies and stock market indexes for now. Hope you will enjoy our community and will find new friends

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    Thanks for the welcome guys. Been having a good read - there sure is a lot to learn

    Lester, I am thinking about intraday trades. I think I may venture as low as 15 min trades as it seems you can get some solid indicators and entry points using decent technical analysis.

    I have already made my mind up not to touch anything lower than that. The volatility is just too wild and I think it will be throwing money down the drain.

    I am going to start playing around with various indicators on dummy trades and see what works.

    Any advice on what indicators to start experimenting with?


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    Hi Jason There are really great indicators on the table, but you have to tweak a bit with them, to change their details and to place them on the exact time frame. IF you do so you will achieve above average results. I am playing mostly with different MAs (moving averages, including EMA – exponential MA) they are lagging indicators but quite good if used as a combination of fast and slow EMAs. Also I prefer to add additional filters like MACD or Stochastic – they are doing great job in finding the best entry points. I hope these ideas will helps you to start you own research and if you have any question ask here again

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