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    Lei Wulong wins .... !!!

    Hi, I'm Wulong. I like to play on the Playstation in Tekken with Lei Wulong, so I have chosen this name.
    In addition I would like to play with binary options. It's a bit like a game : you can lose or win, but you never really die. Or maybe you do, if you get a heart attack when you lose some money or lose in the game. But if you play Tekken or play with money, in both cases you shouldn't suffer from a heart condition.
    Besides, if you die, you don't need the money any more ....

    Anyway, I'm new and a novice, but everyone starts as a novice some day.
    This seems a good site to learn, especially how to avoid the crap everywhere on the internet.
    I have already noticed some good tips and hints.
    Great site !

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    Hi Wulong,

    Great to find our trading island! I enjoy your humor so much Actually you are the first guy to come here with such a funny introduction I also hardly believe you couldn’t die from trading binary options You could lose money, but finally that is not the end of the world, you could gain them again. I fully believe in the possibility to master trading skills and achieve steady performance over time. Yes it is not easy even it is hard, but it is possible, I believe in that.

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    Hi Marbrow,

    Thank you !
    I think it's better to live with some humor every day. Even if you feel very bad, even a little smile can do wonders.
    I also believe it's possible to gain some money with binary options, but it's not that simple as many want you to believe.
    Now I'm trading a little bit with small amounts, I think it's the best way to learn the hard way.
    Of course, when I win, I think I should have risked more. When I lose, I'm glad I didn't risk more.
    This way I'm even pleased if I lose ...

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    Welcome to this wonderful site, wulong. I am sure you can learn a lot form this site. There are many experts and pros that you can learn from this site.
    Happy Trading!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by willyw View Post
    Welcome to this wonderful site, wulong. I am sure you can learn a lot form this site. There are many experts and pros that you can learn from this site.
    Happy Trading!!!!

    Thanks, Willyw !
    I'm happy to have found this site. Here one finds honest people. Here I have got the confirmation that you should do it all by your self, provided that you take the time to learn how to trade successfully.
    I have become a member of 24Option and OptionRally where I have learnt the same thing : they try to lure you into investing as much money as possible. If you are reluctant to do that, they use 'psychological selling techniques' to convince you. They make promises they never keep. Of course you need a broker, and I admit you learn some basic things from them, but why should you have to have an account with a balance of 10000 Dollars to trade ? I think 1000 Dollars is still too much to step into this business. When you are a novice, it's better to trade with very small amounts, in order to learn. And even better, take a piece of paper, write down the trades you want to perform without risking any money. This way you learn a lot and you don't end up with a plundered account which mostly will result in a bad feeling and a reason to stop trading.
    Only with some experience one should really start trading for real.
    Of course, when you tell this to a broker, he says this way you can't win any money. But he doesn't say you can't lose it either.

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    Welcome Wulong,

    Great to have you on board of our trading community!

    You are very right about the binary options brokers. They want you to trade more and big when you are still a newbie and need only paper trading and small accounts to start with. I started with a 2k account. That’s a medium size balance but I trade them with strict money management risking only 2% of my balance any time and I am happy with my progress till now. I am on a positive territory for quite a long time! You will be a wonderful company here and I would like to see you more often posting in the forum

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    Hi Wulong!

    Welcome to the best binary options trading community!

    Start your trading journey from our binary trading school – full of articles explaining everything from the basic terminology to the most advanced strategies and systems. You will find here many newbie and experienced traders too, a lot of friends among them and most important you will find viable help for your learning and improvement. If you keep your eyes open and your mind with the right attitude the results will come! Join our binary options trading platform and share your first trades with the other traders here. Wish you good luck and many great moments here

    Best regards,
    CT Team

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    Thanks people !
    I will follow your advice from now on.
    My 'account manager' sometimes gives me good tips, so I win some money. But he also gives me 'good tips' that don't turn out to be right, so I lose money. Mostly I follow these tips, since he told me he had more than 20 years of experience and has been a very succesfull broker and made a lot of money. Of course he is also human, humans make mistakes, although I trust a dog more, since a dog never lies. Only humans seem to have that 'great' ability.
    So the trades I have done by my self, there I have about 50% success. Maybe 75 % luck and 25 % of my experience. Who knows ?
    The trades by following his advice have an outcome of also roughly 50 %. This means the balance of my account is heading in a 'bearish' direction, because one should win at least 2 out of 3 trades to make some profit.
    So what is the difference between a newbie and an experienced succesfull trader ?
    Why would a very good broker work for a company when he easily could make a lot of money for him self ?
    I wonder....

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    Hi Wulong! You shouldn’t trust your broker so much. It could be good trader but it could be bad as well. Everything depend if he is honest or not. Actually most of the people working for brokers are bad traders and that’s why they are there. If they were good they should trade for their own. 50% is still random guess. You should achieve much better results – something about 75% in order to profit consistently.

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    You are wise trader if you manage to trade with lower risk and to have statistical results. This is the beginning of every trader’s career. Now is the time to search for an edge which will move you forward and will make you from a break even to profitable trader. One important thing you should know is that the performance is never constant you will have losing and wining periods but most important is the final result at the end. Wish you good luck with developing your own trading style. Don’t trust only on your broker and check everything before moving next step. We are here and we could help you whenever you need help!

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