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    The package of stimulus measures in Japan !!!

    This week Japan will draw up a stimulus package worth about $53 billion. The aim is to strengthen the economy ahead of rising the rate of VAT in April of 2014 year.

    Government ministers have stated that the value of package should not be less than 5 trillion yen. The VAT rate will increase in April of 2014 from the current 5% to 8% in order to reduce its massive public debt.

    The Japanese government will make a decision of incentive measures on Thursday, but the exact amount will not be released until the government does not propose a budget revision 12th December.

    Easing of monetary policy by the Bank of Japan and Abe strong government spending is beginning to show results in the fight Japan with 15 years of deflation.

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    The longer term outlook in Japan has not changed for decades, and it is now being confirmed by the fact that the Bank of Japan has initiated its stimulus program at a greater rate (relative to GDP) than what was seen in the US. This of course was a few decades too late, so there is no real reason to believe that these stimulus programs will end any time soon.

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    Japanese parliament approved incentives to accelerate the economic recovery within the revised budget for the current fiscal year, which runs until March of 2014 year.

    New incentives in the amount of $ 53 billion are intended opening of 250,000 jobs, construction project, a $ 5.8 billion is reserved to subsidize the sale of property.

    The third largest economy in the world by the end of last year out of recession, while in the first quarter of this year recorded economic growth of 4.3%.

    In the third quarter growth fell to 1.1%, due to lower corporate investment, while exports badly affected by weaker growth in developing economies.

    It is predicted that the Japanese economy in the coming months could further progress, because it will increase the purchasing power of consumers.

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