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    Red face Hello! Im new to binary option. Hope you guys can shave with me some tips =D !!!

    Your guy can call me CK. I just found out binary option though youtube few day ago. Feel like this is a very great way to earn some extra money. But i dont have a ideal how to analyse those graph.. Please help me in binary willing to learn

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    Hi CK! Welcome here It’s great you find our binary trading community.

    You look absolute beginner in trading binary options and that mean you will need a lot of education before you jump into real trading and before you can make any money from the markets! The best way is to start with learning is to read the first articles in our Binary Trading School website. The PreSchool section of the site include many easy to understand and well explained articles which are must read if you want to understand the real basics of binary options. Than you will come back with these basic knowledge and will ask everything you don’t understand. This is the way to move from newbie to experienced trader. All of us started similar way. Wish you good luck and success in everything!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chenkiong View Post willing to learn
    Ok, I'll "shave" you some tips:

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    Hi chenkiong

    Welcome to CommuniTraders!

    You are on the long road toward binary trading success, but if you are persistent you will succeed for sure! Marvel is right check our trading school section and start from there. We have plenty of information and educational stuff (link from Bogan post) to read and to learn. We have tests on each section of the BOTS School, where you could check your level of understanding of the binary trading subject. When you feel comfortable with all the terminology you could start demo trading in our CommuniTraders Demo Trading Platform – really the best way to learn trading cause you will find comments and replies from many other traders and help from them for sure! Good luck and enjoy your participation in CommuniTraders

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    Hello CK, welcome to BOTS!!!!
    Follow Bogdan link and you will find many useful information there.
    Its nice of Bogdan to "shave" tips.

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    Welcome to BOTS Chen, study the art of trading BO, and ready to be a super saiyan. ;-) cheers

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