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    Fiancial Trading School !!!

    Hi Everyone,

    Have anyone tried the curriculum of Financial Trading School
    conducted by Brian ?

    Anyone attended them ? Or what is the quality of their education etc..?

    I would appreciate the members valuable comments.

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    Hi Zanadu,

    I checked his site and his videos. They are quite good quality and explanatory. I didn’t watch too many of them but could say they are not just fake promotional examples and could help binary traders especially when they are newbie and eager to learn more. I am not sure about the quality of the strategies presented. They look a bit simplified but I will test them and will watch more videos. It is worth trying

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    I can’t say Brian is not a honest trader, but you need to have something in mind. If he is so proactive presenting his trading video lessons for free he probably is better at marketing tactics than in real trading. If you are newbie, of course, his lessons could help you. But you always need to test everything by yourself before putting real money in action. I prefer personally to learn directly from the market and not from some self made “Gurus”

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    Hi Friends,

    Thanks for your inputs.

    My personal belief is that its a good place to learn the game in a more practical
    style as he puts lots of videos which are more easy to learn and memorize. In that
    way its more useful than the BOTS stuffs which are more narrations. I am now way
    belittle the stuffs in BOTS schools which are put up by lots of HONEST traders. What I was
    saying is Bryan's stuff is more practical to memorize because of the videos.

    Though we don't have to suspect the curriculum, I am sure he is paid by his recommended
    brokers for the efforts he is putting in. Interestingly those brokers cant be find no-where near to the
    BOTS approved brokers.

    Please do not brand me as Bryan's agent ! I am just sharing something which came across during my

    I welcome others opinions.

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    Hi friends,

    After posting my earlier post, I went back to Friancial Trading School and indeed
    24Option comes in the first preferred broker.

    And Brayan says that he is paid from the broker's advertising budget.

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