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    FXPro !!!

    Hi All,
    I am using FXPro MT4. I started out with multiple charts on my screen, but somehow it got changed so I only can see one chart at a time. Does anyone know how I can reset it back to the original multiple currency screenshots? Sorry to bother you, but I have not been able to figure it out on my own. Hope I worded this question properly.
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    Double click on the currency pair tabs at the bottom of the chart. Then you will be able to re-arrange and re-size the windows. Hope I understood the question correctly.
    Btw, there's already a thread where you can ask questions about MT4 (not that it's a problem you started a new one)


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    Thanks Bogden. I couldn't find what you said, but did not matter because my FXPro MT4 did nothing but crash & burn tonight. It kept locking up and I had to keep restarting my computer. So, I am off to find a different place to download it from.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I am talking about these tabs. Double click on them and you will get multiple windows. Works on any MT4 so it doesnt matter if u dont use Fxpro

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    You can also use the button for multiple chart mode, hide chart of one chart mode. Just like you do with Windows, only then on the MT4. Its on the right, about 1cm below the windows buttons.

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    Maybe this is what you want?

    1. Open "window" choose tile vertical or horizontal
    2. you can maximize or minimize chart to make it happen too, located at top right of the trading terminal.

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    Maximize/minimize, that's what I meant Couldn't find the words

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    Thanks Guys,
    I ended up just reinstalling it after it kept crashing. hchandra, thanks, that is what I needed to know.

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    Configuring Metatrader is a bit tricky at the beginning but than after you find out how to do it properly everything become very easy and straight forwarded. Uploading custom indicators, tweaking with their parameters is very easy when you know the basics of mt4.

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