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Thread: Hello Buddies

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    Hello Buddies !!!

    I am new here just want to say hello to all....

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    Quote Originally Posted by peterevanson View Post
    I am new here just want to say hello to all....
    Hello Peter,

    Welcome to CommuniTraders! Wish you happy trading and many new friends in our binary options trading community. If you have any question regarding trading in general or something more specific you will find answer here immediately from our more experienced traders which will help you for sure. Also do not forget to test our demo binary options platform and follow the trades from our more experienced traders. You could find them regularly posting in Weekly and Monthly Trading tips Room and also in Daily Trading Tips Room for more short term ideas.

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    Hello Peter and welcome to CommuniTraders From how long you know about binary options? Do you have some trading experience before or absolutely new to this area? If you are completely new the best way is to learn from our trading school on the main BOTS site and ask whatever you don’t understand.

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    Hi there!

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