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    Interesting indicator/strategy !!!

    Can't remember where I got that indicator from, but actually it's just a bunch of T3 MAs ...

    However, if you look at the charts you will notice a very specific pattern before/when the price swings ... on a 5M chart with 15M/30M expiration it doesn't look bad most of the time ... but the entering candle shouldn't be very far away from the 'fold', otherwise you could run into a retracement ... and ofc, you should confirm the signal with other indis like Stochastic and/or MACD or whatever ...

    !BySu @QAS30_T3 1.0.zipClick image for larger version. 

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    Looks nice and also nice colors

    Could you write down the settings of the MA's?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeasaltMcFish View Post
    Looks nice and also nice colors

    Could you write down the settings of the MA's?

    As it is an ea4 I can't 'look into' it, but I think that the indi just uses T3 MAs (which you can get from the AllMA-indicator I posted earlier here)

    Atm I am surprised how good that looks on the chart ... I played with some different settings but then the things can get choppy and less useful ... but as mentioned above it seems critical how far the first/entering candle is away from the "folding pattern" ...

    PS: In case you overlooked it: I attached the indi as zip ... it's right above the picture

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    Thanks mate

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    looks good so far.

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    Can you give us an update on this indicator? Are you still using it?

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