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    Hot YouTube Beware – Binary Options Millionaires are Coming! !!!

    Hi guys,

    Check our new article YouTube Beware – Binary Options Millionaires are Coming! It is unique attempt to summarize the present hype in the web space for the race to make easy money on the binary options markets.

    Very interesting and profound investigation of that subject presented by our friend and restless author Bogdan! There are so many well presented videos on YouTube showing us how easy is to make millions with binary trading robots and gurus promoting easy ways to make money that we should seriously think about their fairness and objectivity. Read the great Bogdan’s review about them and you will find out is it worth to trust such people or it is just waste of time and most dangerous waste of your money!

    Here is a simple example of such video showing how to make millions out of thin air

    Comment on the article presented, what is your opinion and what you think about such videos and easy money presentations. For me I have to be honest they are just a desert mirage which will attract mostly unexperienced wanabe traders, who don't understand the basics of trading mechanics and who have mostly wishful thinking and not serious attitude toward trading
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    Great article and ones again confirmation that most of the time when we hit something on the net it is not a genuine help and advice, but rather fishy and scammy way to take your money with false promises and claims. It is better to not trust blindly such a nice promises or much better to not trust on them at all. I don’t remember no one YouTube presentation with genuine offer for binary options trades. Much better to learn from people which you know personally and trust them! For me such persons are my friends here, Bogdan, Michael, marvel and many others here that helped me greatly to improve my trading style Thank you guys to showing me the way to trade and to improve myself!

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    Lol, reading the articles and watching the bank on binary youtube videos really shake my stomach real hard,
    "you could be making money in under 30 minutes" but they don't tell you "you also could lose money in under 30 minutes"
    its full of hope, promises and good if true. No advice about risk and probability of ruin.

    nobody knows physic genius Isaac Newton losses his fortune in stock market and stated
    “I can calculate the motions of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people”

    If someone can predict stock market movement it means he/she know about mass psychology and can predict what will happen, human never change and as long as human not change the market will be the same. I don't think there are lot of people who can predict what other side will do perfectly, in the past I remember genius strategist in war Zhuge Liang also suffered losses because his general deviate from his calculation and that is the reason why "Empty fort" strategy formed in panic.

    Simply from history, as predictable human or event was, there's always room for unpredictability.

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    Indeed!! Another great job by Bogdan. When I first asked him to write about these video, I thought about this article as a joke, just a nice piece to make some laughs. I couldn't even imagine how strong the effect of this article will be, and how important it is for newbies to read. What started off as a joke, became an important milestone for every beginner. I'll even move this article to the top of our preschool section. This is one "Must Reads" article. Cheers Bogdan, thanks for this wonderful educative review.

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    Haha amazingly funny videos! Like the first one – “Brain is no longer needed” Haha Fully bullshit and marketing techniques to attract guys with absolutely no understanding what binary options are and what binary options are Thank you Bogdan for sharing with us the funny side of the binary options scams and to warn the newbie traders for the dangers which are waiting for them in the YouTube!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martin Kay View Post
    I'll even move this article to the top of our preschool section. This is one "Must Reads" article. Cheers Bogdan, thanks for this wonderful educative review.
    Thanks man! And glad everyone likes it... hahaha, except the guys in the videos probably

    Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

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    I love this one, entertained me for almost 20 minutes.

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