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    Hot Top 5 Market Moves of the Week - 12/23-27/2013 !!!

    Check the new Bogdan's Top Five Мarket Мoves of the Week and find the most important events which will move the markets this week!

    1. Canada’s Gross Domestic Product
    12/23/2013 – Monday at 1:30 pm GMT

    2. US CORE Durable Goods Orders

    12/24/2013 – Tuesday at 1:30 pm GMT

    3. US New Home Sales
    12/24/2013 – Tuesday at 3:00 pm GMT

    4. Christmas is Here
    12/25/2013 – Wednesday

    5. US Unemployment Claims
    12/26/2013 – Thursday at 1:30 pm GMT

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    US Unemployment Claims will be moved market on Thursday. It will be expected volatility.

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    The durable goods orders gave an encouraging report, helping support the Fed's argument that the US economy is stable enough to start removing stimulus.

    With the holidays this week, it is important to remember how thin liquidity conditions can affect market prices. We will either see things stall to a slow trading range (more likely) or we will see large increases in volatility if any large funds try to take advantage of the market when it is vulnerable (less likely but not impossible).

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    For currency traders, the Canadian figures are also important because this is where the market's attention is going to need to focus on relative growth performances for most of next year. The USD/CAD continues to trade at a relatively critical inflection point.

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    unemployment data is getting a little worrisome, the spike in unemployment claims is receding but could still lead to an elevation in the overall unemployment rate. One thing to consider though is that the extensions to unemployment benefits are expiring starting tomorrow which will cause a severe drop in overall unemployment claims, probably no drop in the unemployment rate and a possible decrease of the participation rates.

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    is it better for extension of unemployment benefits? or it will become burden in the future?
    Hard to say, but republican seems supporting for extension, in January we will know.

    "When Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid brings up legislation in early January that would renew benefits for three months, he should remind his colleagues of the economic truth and political consequences of long-term unemployment, and leave morality for the preachers."

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    I don't think unemployment benefits will affect unemployment rates, unless of course people who have been letting the government support them finally go out and find some work. I know there is some out there, I see ads all the time,

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    I agree with this. Unemployment benefits will not likely change much and it is really the underlying fundamental trends in the economy that alter the benchmark rates.

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