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    New to community !!!

    Hello all!
    I am a long-time economics and financial markets enthusiast and student. I'm currently on a binary options kick but I have been trading professionally for over 25 years so I am experienced in quite a few markets, from forex to exotic options contracts to regular shares trading, I've pretty much done it all. I joined this community mostly to keep an eye on the forex and binary options markets. I'm interested in the trader sentiment regarding assets traded within these contract structures. I probably won;t comment much as I am here to read, not write (I do more than enough of that already).
    Happy new year all and best of luck to everyone in all your trading activities in this new year!

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    Hi BOTSchool,

    Welcome to CommuniTraders! We are glad to see among us an expert in the markets. Your opinion and knowledge and expertise will be very valuable to all of us and you will help many newbie traders to improve their skills too! I wish you good luck here. We are friends here and you will find that the atmosphere in the forum is very positive and constructive. I am inviting you to join as many as you want discussions here and to explain in more details what you think on the emerging binary options market.

    CT Team

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    Hi and Welcome here! Could you share why you decided to switch from other types of trading to binary options after so many years of trading experience? What was the main reason behind your most recent attraction to the binary options world?

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    Welcome to the forum. I read your profile and must say I am intrigued by your history. Hopefully, you'll find time to write as much as you read here!

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    Welcome abroad Botschool

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