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Thread: Hi everyone

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    Hi everyone !!!

    Hi all

    My name is Christopher Strauss. I live in Uitenhage South Africa Currently the hottest place on earth
    Im a student at NMMU and am looking to trade binary as a way to bring in some extra cash for me and my family while i study.
    Im hoping to find advice and maybe even a mentor to help me through the learning curve associated with Binary option trading.

    Very happy to be here with you all.
    JESUS bless you all

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    Hi Christopher,

    Welcome to CommuniTraders! Great pleasure to see you here For me it looks very attractive to live in the hottest place in the world, because here it is cold winter now and I am only dreaming of such a hot place haha We will help you for sure to gain knowledge and to learn step by step the basics of the binary options trading. If you have questions here is the place to ask, whatever they are, even the simplest ones.

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    Welcome Christopher. Glad you found your way here. Please check out the school offered here and also the free demo trading. You will learn a lot of information about binary options to help you get started. May God bless you in your journey!

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    Hi Christopher and welcome to CommuniTraders! We are all pleased to see you among us. Binary trading is not among the easiest way to make extra cash, but for sure it is an intellectual challenge and interesting game to play. You will need to learn many new things from money management, technical and psychological side, but if you are patient and have the enthusiasm to learn there will be reward for sure. You could participate in all the discussions you find interesting for you and also to search for answers in BOTS School. You will find always here people willing to help you in your trading! I wish you prosperous and great New Year!

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    Thanks for making me feel so welcome guys Im hoping to find someone who provides signals here so i can follow , learn and earn a bit of cash along the way. Can you guys suggest anyone ?? Please any help would be REALLY appreciated

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    Here is a list of signal providers. Of course it is way not full at all but you could check some of them. I could say however that it is not recommended, especially for newbie trader to follow blindly any signal provider because there is no guarantee that they will produce good results. Even exactly opposite most of them are scammers who even don’t know how to trade properly, so be careful with them!

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    Hi Christopher, welcome to the forum,
    Really great to have someone who want to learn while studying, wish you good luck,
    About signal providers, I suggest you learn first through demo trading, never rush thing as the market will be there, it has been there for a long time and will stay there unless human change. Learn from BOTS traders here, the school and you will be set to trade.

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    Welcome to our big community, christopher.

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    Hi Christopher, Welcome to BOTS good luck with your trading...

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