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    IMF forecast !!!

    The International Monetary Fund will be in three weeks to raise growth forecast for the world economy, Christine Lagarde has announced.

    IMF lowers forecasts for the world economy due to its slow growth. The world economy last year grew by 2.9% and this year growth should accelerate to 3.6%.

    In November, the International Monetary Fund warned that emerging economies subside. Developed countries, especially America, are showing signs of recovery.

    Lagarde remarked that the gradual change of the loose monetary policy of the United States led to a slowdown in capital inflows to emerging markets, the growth of long-term yields in the U.S. and many other economies.

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    It looks very promising to have such growth percentage this year. If so we could see significant increase in the stock market valuation and continuation of the bullish momentum from last year. I have some doubts, but surely still there are absolutely no bearish signs for the stock markets.

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    The leader of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde said that the state of European banks still creates uncertainty. Europe is at a crossroads. It is showing signs of recovery but fails to overcome the phase of uneven and unbalanced growth, she said.

    She added that upcoming test of resistance to unfavorable business conditions and analysis of asset quality can help to restore confidence and improve financial integration. If it will be implemented well.

    The European Central Bank has announced that it will test resistance banks this year to determine whether they are sufficiently replenished capital to be able to cope with a potential new crisis.

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