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    Hot NFP in 10 minutes !!! !!!

    Hi guys!

    Are you ready for the biggest volatility of the month? NFP is less than 10 minutes ahead. It will produce great swings on all currency markets. Initially it looks bearish for EUR and bullish for USD but it may be opposite. We will see and few minutes latter I will enter into several trades.

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    NFP only 74K, much worse than expected 196K and thus resulting in a little surprise for the markets which pushed US Stock Indexes lower for a while and EUR, GBP, Aussie and Yen higher. I am entering in Calls on all major pairs against US dollar now.

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    Markets were looking for a better number because of the strength that has been seen in labor markets over the last 4 or 5 months. The trend has been more than encouraging and there can be a good deal of volatility in these figures when looking at things from one month to the next. This basically means that next months numbers will be even more important because it will be a key indication of whether or not these latest data are suggestive of a true change in the economy or a one-off anomaly.

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    It make sence. Markets are still waiting some indication about the shape of the US economy now.

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    That was a wanky number, I bet it gets a major revision next month. Even though, the rest of the data is still good, ADP, Challenger, employment claims, housing, etc... There may be a correction in the offing but I still think the long term trend is up, perhaps for the next few years. The secular bear market has been breached making the upside target somewhere in the 2800-3200 range at some time in the next 3-5 years.

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    Surprise hahaha, its worse than expected, SPY still going up and Dow Jones stayed at high, minimum correction,
    I also think shares market still have more chance to go higher than current position.
    This NFP number might come out stronger than expected next month, for now just enjoy waiting for correction to enter the market,
    market without correction is harder to trade, because no discount present...

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