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Thread: Hello to All.

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    Hello to All. !!!

    Hello to all here,

    my name is Martin, I come from Czech rep. and I am pretty new to binary trading. As a first thing I would like to send big THANKS to all who are responsible for BOTS and CommuniTraders because I learnt and still learning so much about binary options trading there/here.

    I believe that knowledge I gained from signal processing field would be at least a bit helpful here and after some time I will be able to help people or give recomendetions regarding the trading binary options.

    Good luck to all :-).
    Kind regards

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    Hi Martin and welcome to our binary options trading community!

    The Eastern Europe traders group here is growing steadily, which I am so happy, because I belong to them too I want to invite you to join as many as you want discussions in our forum and to increase your knowledge and understanding of the markets by following more experienced traders’ ideas and explanations. Good luck and happy trading!

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    A big welcome to you, Martin!!!!
    Happy Trading

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    Welcome Martin, Hope you enjoy the forum and become a part of our community! Cheers

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    Hi Martin, welcome to BOTS.

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