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    Question Multi Timeframes entering !!!

    hi guys.

    what good time differences between times for approving trend.

    and how many time frames should to use 2 or 3 ?

    why i am asking, i did some back-testing and with 3 time frames i found just 2-3 entering points in one day (24 h).

    and from your experiences how you choose your time frame on each BO expire time?

    thanks a lot.

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    lets see here, that's a lot of questions

    1- I use three time frames, weekly daily and hourly. That works good for most assets but with some forex pairs daily, 4H and 30 minute is good because they stay in tighter ranges and are more active in short time frames. I typically only trade on daily charts, but some hourly charts too.

    2- it depends, I use three and usually take my signals on the middle time frame but time entry on the shortest time frame.

    3. the thing about good strategies, they don't always produce a lot of signals....patience is key, and a part of money management people don't talk about that much.

    4. I don't let my expiry choose my time frame, I let my time frame/signal choose my expiry. If I take a signal on the charts that usually takes 4-6 candles to complete I multiply 6 by the time frame to get expiry ie 6 candles times day = 6 days or one week, 6 candles time hour = 6 hours or end of day etc.

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    More than one timeframe helps a lot in trend confirmation. I analyze overall trend using larger timeframes and then look for a signal using shorter timeframes. Larger timeframes show significant support and resistance zones and shorter timeframes show possible entry points.
    Using multiple timeframes not only filters most false signals but also gives u a better understanding of market movement.

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    thanks a lot, guys

    Michael, you have BO for 6 hours or 3 days? do your builder have such times?

    cause what i checked (on Israel broker) it give you at top 3.5 hours.

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    More time frames will give us better view for what happen,
    Using combination of 1 hour-daily-weekly time frame, it will looks like:
    weekly - you have bird view, you can see mountain, river, pack of trees and you know that is forest and the forest is burning with fire. You can plan to use water from river to put off the fire
    Daily - You see forest in front of you the trees are high and you can see smoke which mean there is fire inside but you can only pinpoint where the fire coming from.
    1 Hour - You are inside the forest and you only see high trees moving from 1 trees to other trees, while actually you are surrounded by fire

    I think that is difference between time frames, using 1 time frame only you still can trade and be profitable, each time frame have their characteristic.
    The power of pattern also more valid in higher time frames, in analogies again:
    - 1 hours chart price move like small boat directed by flow of water
    - weekly chart is like sailing in titanic nothing can turn it easily except iceberg

    I personally use Weekly- Daily - sometimes 4 hour charts
    and use longer expiration such as 3 days, weekly and monthly

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