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    Hot Binary Options Marketing Wars - How Brokers Advertise To Get You Deposit !!!

    Hi guys,

    Bogdan presented his new article on the subject of Binary Options Marketing Wars. Very interesting topic, showing how the brokers use simple marketing tactics and tricks to make us deposit money with them! Read the full article and you will see how they do that. I would like to start a discussion here – What do you think are they right to use the old school marketing techniques or this could only lead to more newbie lose their deposits jumping into the binary options without proper training?

    originaly presented by Bogdan G

    If you’re Advertising, Do It Right.

    Advertising is a big part of doing business but the way it’s done is sometimes wrong. Well, in the Binary options industry it’s almost always wrong. The worst I’ve seen is a Binary Options website that featured three blonde girls with…very few clothes on. I’m not going to say the name of that website because I don’t want anyone visiting it and giving them internet traffic. It’s best they remain in a dark corner of the internet. Sites like these scream “Stay away” so loud that I can hear it from Romania, but there are other epic fails at advertising. Are you familiar with the slogan “We focus on what really counts. You.”? Yes, my “favorite” slogan… First of all, they don’t have the common sense of using “who” instead of “what”…

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    Nice presentation of the advertisement tactics of the brokers. If they are not making false expressions like fake testimonials and so on, I can live with that, because I don’t follow their advises blindly. I am thinking always independently

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