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    One more day, one more newbie. !!!

    Hello everyone.

    I'd like to present myself to the forum as a potential new trader on binary options. I've been "trading" (it's more of a buy and hold strategy, very little trades) stocks for a couple of years and the main reason that lead me to do so was the "positive sum" feature of stocks. As I do only long-term stocks investment, I use mostly fundamentals and only very few technicals (overall trend, resistance/support and volumes).

    I'm trying to find out more about binary options and potentially enter trading for it's challenge, that is, it's a 50% chance that yields an 85% return at best, meaning that one must have about 60% or + success rate to break even. That's a challenge!
    I've been devouring the blog's school section (many thanks for that) and of course have been digging up a bit for brokers. I'm very likely to settle for Stockpair (considered 24option too, but didn't like it especially) as they also have the very interesting pair options.

    After getting through your school section, I'm planning on a system that will combine statistical data that I can retrieve and manage myself (simple stuff as daily variance, correlations, average moves, etc) with chart analysis (that I'll have to study quiet a bit as I know only basic indicators) and obviously some fundamentals. In the end my goal is to develop a trading system that can yield at least the breakeven percentage. I'll start with the one day time frame as I see it as a balanced frame for the data I mentioned. Even though I have, as we all do, a bit of gambler in me, I'll obviously develop my system with a demo account and I'll keep away from the 60 secondes random walk.

    I'd like to hear from you guys about my choice of broker and also what indicators do you find most relevant both at technical and fundamental level. I'm entering binary options for the conceptual challenge of this type of game and if possible some extra cash. Even though I'll start with the one day frame, I'll be testing the system for shorter time frames to satisfy my gambling side. What frames do you usually prefer?
    I'll be following a conservative profile, risking 1 to 2% (max) of my capital at every trade and will try to stick to as little amount of assets as possible in order to be able to be well informed about them.

    Many thanks for the good threads one can find around here and good trades for everyone.

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    Hi Azev and Welcome to the CT Forum. You have an excellent presentation of your goals and planed strategy for binary options trading. I agree with you on your broker choice. StockPair is among the best we have and I have experience with it and could say only good words. I am trading mostly weekly options, some times daily too. I don’t like trading shorter time frames because there is too much noise on that level, but if you are interested to try there is absolutely no problem if you do it on demo account. I know several guys here who are trading intraday binary options successfully, so it is not totally impossible and only the time will show you how it is going for you! I hope you will have a great time here and many new friends. Wish you long term success with binary options as well as with your stock investing
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    HI Azev, welcome to BOTS. Here you can find many useful information that will help you in your trading.

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