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    Expiry Calculation !!!


    I am sure in BO everyone will agree that the time of setting the correct
    expiry time is as important as setting the right entry time.

    I always face difficulty in setting the right expiry time and I depend
    some very rude (primitive) form of calculation to find out the expiry time.

    Could the pros share some insights on this subject ?

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    I too would be interested in this. Looking forward to some PRO lovin' on this!

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    Hi Pros

    Regret to notice nobody has given a guideline for selecting an appropriate expiry time !

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    I would give you a clear guideline, if I had one ... but using multi-timeframes is possibly the best tip, I can give you here

    I try to analyze/make a guess, where price will be at which time using different timeframes ... so usually I have 15M and 5M open and place trades between 5-15 or 30 minutes ... the market will move faster/slower sometimes, trending/go flat ... and to get the expiration right, you will have to anticipate all these differences ... and indicators are usually more reliable in higher TFs ...

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    Would really love to give fix guidelines to choose rules, but no rigid rules to follow, but from my experience, you can try:
    1. In what time frame you trade? 5 min/15m/1h/4h/Daily/weekly?
    Personally I never choose expiry under 4 hour because that is too fast for me. I watch Daily/weekly/monthly chart and I choose expiry of Daily/Weekly/Monthly
    Will it be right? I believe pattern in daily chart will work for several days, weeks, maybe month. 4 hours chart will work for 4 hours, daily expiry

    2. Look at major news when BO active until finish line (Expiry), if you Call EUR/USD and near expiry there is FOMC news and market favor tapering maybe your call will fail miserably.

    3. No need to over complicate things, no one can predict perfectly

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    Thank you Marc and Chandra for your valuable insights

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