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    Hot Top 5 Market Moves of the Week - 01/20-24/2014 !!!

    Check the new Bogdan's Top Five Мarket Мoves of the Week and find the most interesting events which will move the markets this week!

    German ZEW Economic Sentiment
    01/21/2014 – Tuesday at 10:00 am GMT

    Australian Consumer Price Index

    01/22/2014 – Wednesday at 12:30 am GMT

    Bank of Japan Monetary Policy Statement
    01/22/2014 – Wednesday (exact time is not announced)

    Bank of Canada Interest Rate Decision

    01/22/2014 – Wednesday at 3:00 pm GMT

    US Unemployment Claims
    01/23/2014 – Thursday at 1:30 pm GMT

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    I could've swore that the BOJ meeting was next week, I just checked the website, it's today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Hodges View Post
    I could've swore that the BOJ meeting was next week, I just checked the website, it's today.
    with the announcement on the 22nd,

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    The Bank of Japan kept its record easing program, while strengthening price points to progress in the fight against deflation.

    After a meeting in Tokyo,the Board of Governors of Bank Haruhiko Kuroda has maintained its decision to expand the monetary base year from 60 trillion to 70 trillion yen.

    Given the BOJ 's preferred inflation, which is more than half the target of 2%, analysts have lowered forecasts and the central bank could not be further loosening monetary policy.

    Before it decided on additional stimulus, members will have little time to examine tax increase in April and earnings trends.

    Chief economist at Monex Inc . Tokyo Naoki Murakami said: "The BOJ does not need to act immediately. Inflation is progressing in line with forecasts."

    For the last quarter of 2013th, analysts estimate that the inflation rate was 1.1%, almost three times more than expected in April 2013th year.

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    Seems BOJ will stick to their agenda: slow depreciation of Yen,
    Nothing changed yet, in 3 months we will monitor Q1 earnings of companies in Japan,
    I'd say no force enough to reverse current agenda yet.

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