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    Tools of the Trade? !!!

    Hi there! So, I've been using some demo platforms, like CommuniTraders and others to practice and learn the whole shpeel a bit better. When I make my trades, I base it on the metrics provided by the platform. My question is what other tools should I look in to, to help me make my trades? Is one signal provider better than the other?

    I suppose the tools would differ depending on how I trade, and with what expiries I use. Lately, I've been using 60 second and 15 minute expiry times, but I would like to get in to "end of day" trades as well. That in mind, can any of you recommend some great, newbie-friendly, and most importantly- free, tools I can try out?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Kius

    You will find tons of information on the school section, where you will find many strategies for
    new and experienced traders.

    With regards to signal service I believe there is thread with deal with it. Check the index of
    various threads

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    Hi Kius,
    Check out this room:

    feel free to ask any question

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    Try to avoid signal service providers, a real coach is OK but what you find on the internet is mostly junk. Also check out the tools and indicators and the strategies adn systems rooms in the forum. I suggest picking some tools first, then learning some strategies.

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    Thanks guiz! I'll give it a look now

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