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    Newbie from Germany !!!

    Hello from Germany!

    [edit] Second try
    So i am 41 years old and work as constructor (CAD, digital engineering) in a company in the agricultural sector.
    How to say... one boss of a firm where i applied for a job looked to my cv and asked me "you didn´t invent the work, did you?".
    I answered "no, to be true, i am not crazy about a job, but i need money, so i am here".
    The funniest thing was, one week later he wanted to employ me, but i had already found a better payed job.

    In fact i was born in France, i grew up in Germany and my father is french. There is a spoke:
    The german live to work and
    the frenchman work to live...

    But working all my life untill i will be old and grey in a office for a little salary and a boss i would rather like to shoot to the moon... is not my destination.
    In a big company you will always be reminded that you are just a payed slave and all you have to say if you wanna keep your job is "yes sir" and go back to work.
    I work more and more, i see less and less my family, my little daughter sleeps already when i come home and all that for a "frozen salary"
    No thanks!
    Since 2005 i have been looking for possibilities to earn money beside, make more money, be my own boss and may be quit the "regulated job".

    My first steps were very naive. Threw a friend who never worked after his studies (he learned to trade from his grandfather, but never wanted to teach me) i cam to doublers and HYIPs. I think some of you know what it is and that it´s still popular. Well i didn´t invest in these scams for a long time and i didn´t loose much money (i know people who are still looking for the "holy grail" , after 9 years of loosing money, they are so stupid...)
    I decided then, instead of giving my money to scammers, i will try to learn to do what the HYIP-owners pretend to do:
    Forex or sports betting.

    I tried first with sports betting, more precisely sure-bets and bet-trading (inplay). I bought e-books, software tools, learned from experienced sport betters and so on. It was not bad and i could make some money, but the problem is you should be all day long at home and place the bets "inplay". At that time i had a part time job and it was ok, but due to finacial problems i had to look for a fulltime job. So betting was not an option anymore.

    In 2009 i started with forex trading
    I downloaded a tool (marketiva), made lots of profit on demo during two weeks without any learning of the basics. I thought i was talented and started then with real money.
    One month later my account was empty... i lost $1000.
    This was the end for a while of any idea about making money beside a job.

    In 2011 a friend i knew from the HYIP forum where i was from 2005 to 2006 told me about a forex EA which helped him to raise his account from $500 to $3500 in less than one year.
    He would send me this EA for free an all the informations how to use it.
    I was excited and tried this EA with MT4 and real money (of course... we don´t have time to waste!). Some months later the same friend called me and said that his account suddenly blew up. More than $3500 lost in one day. He would never use this EA again. I thought i was smarter and may be i just needed to observe better the trades of the EA and interfere if there was a danger. Than what had to happen just happened, the drawdown became to big, the EA openend more and more positions with always double lotsize (at the end something like 5 lots instead of 0,01 lots, this means open positions with a price of $500.000 with a account of $1000. I stopped all and tried to save the situation with manual trading and refill of the account. Well as you think it was like a cut with a sword in the water. $3000 went to... other hands.
    And it was a collision with a word i heard for the first time and learned to hate: Martingale!
    Never again!

    I needed more than one year to recover from this trauma.
    In the last year i have been looking for other, more thrustfull EAs on the net. I bought and tried some commercial EAs and also free EAs. It s very difficult to find a good one (if this exists). One week ago i saw an advertising of someone who promises to make you rich in a very short time. I tried this scam (i know, i am stupid) for a short time and it brought me to a new area: The Binary Options.
    So now i am here and would like to know more about it
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    quite an entertaining introduction ... welcome to the forum!

    und einen schönen abend aus berlin!
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    Hallo Marc,

    Und Gruß aus dem verschneitem Allgäu!

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    Hi ricki72,

    Welcome to CommuniTraders!

    I wish you good luck in binary options trading and a lot of success. If you have any questions or ideas we are open for them Successful trading is really possible but much difficult than it initially looks. You need many hours of experience demo trading before you switch to real trading. The best way to do this is to trade on our demo trading platform – CommuniTraders.

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    What's going on here?! I'm confused really...

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    oh! my presentation text has been deleted!
    (and replaced by Kolyo´s anwer)

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    Hmmm... lol. At any rate...

    Hallo es! (forgive me if that's wrong- not German)

    Welcome to the family, Ricki

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    welcome rick72 to our big community!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ricki72 View Post
    oh! my presentation text has been deleted!
    (and replaced by Kolyo´s anwer)
    That's Hilarious. I'll check it out with Kolyo. Welcome aboard mate, that's a great entrance you just did (:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kius View Post
    Hallo es! (forgive me if that's wrong- not German)
    lol ... actually it's quite correct ... but it's sort of a worse German idiom, spoken in the deepest Austrian mountain valleys ... translates maybe into: Hello you (both/more people) ... nice to read something familiar to me

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