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    Hot USD/JPY Intraday and Short Term Trading !!!

    Hi Guys!

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    The USD/JPY is one of the most heavily traded assets in the world. The two countries are among the worlds top players in terms of economic strength and are affected by the manipulations of their respective central banks as well as those of the other major world economies. Trading the USD/JPY is one of the pillars of my personal trading system, and of traders around the world. Because it is such a hot item we felt it necessary to devote a thread dedicated to this asset.

    We do not discriminate here. All are welcome, you can trade USD/JPY with 60 Seconds options, range, boundary, touch or my favorite...weeklies and monthlies. Post your trades, your analysis and your comments. All will be answered,

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    The USD/JPY corrected pretty hard this week. The BOJ sees Abenomics as working, says inflation targets will be met and did not indicate any need for further easing. This did not meet expectations .... traders were looking for some signs of the third phase of Abenomics and are worried about upcoming tax hikes. Kuroda's, and the BOJ, statements strengthened the yen in the short term while their long term plan is to weaken it. The Abenomic plan is only about half over, there is still at least a year of QE left, unless they change the plan. Long term trend in the usd/jpy is up regardless of near term correction. What do you think?

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    I think the USD/JPY correction is over and we have support zone at 102.6 – 102.9 level. This is a moment to switch back to call trades with longer term expiry. They will produce good returns if properly executed.

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    China's rescue of ICBC trust may delay fears in the short term, likely to take pressure off of equities. We may see uj head back up as sp500 and nikkei take back some ground.

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    I am with you RunnerOption, I think this is a good place for longer term calls. The next week or two could be volatile but I think the pair will be back up to the 105 range before too long.

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    The Turkish central bank put the forex world in a spin, the USD/JPY is back down testing support again.

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    The pair has validated a bearish flag and remains on the downside and challenging its intraday low.

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    Levels, I am ready for Call at greens level, I think at current level with no strong bounce, we may as well go down to 100

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    I think support will hold. There is some volatitity but the long term trend is up, policy moves by the BOJ and FOMC are bullish for the pair, beware false bearishness.

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    I already placed my Call at 102.80 for 1 month, I also have Long position thinking that current level good to trade,
    and if price goes down further will add more major Long/Call position.

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