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    sharing my today analysis !!!

    hi all seniors,
    here i want to share my strategy and hope you guys can give me some comments and advise.

    first at all, please forgive my bad english because i'm chinese from malaysia. hope you guys can understand me.

    i'm using mt4 with MACD indicator to trade on eur/usd. i trade on 15 minutes time frame.

    okay, here is my step, first i wait for the trend which the blue line crossover the red line (MACD)

    Second, when it happend, i will view the lower time frame to comfirm the trend which 10 minutes 5 minutes and 1 minutes.
    Third,when all the time frame is toward the same trend so i start to place my entry.

    With this strategy i managed to win 2 trades, but after that, i lose another 2 trades.

    So, what i want to ask is, is it i'm doing the right way or just i'm lucky at the start.

    Hope you guys can give me some advise,i'm willing to learn!


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    Hi bongsh2002,

    Thanks for sharing with us! Your strategy looks very simple but some of the best strategies out there are very simple too. You could continue to trade it and see what the results will be. Actually 4 trades is not a statistical representative to evaluate this strategy. Maybe luck, maybe really good strategy! You need at least 30-50 closed trades to evaluate your strategy and to know how it behaves. In general I like it because it use several filters and they could allow you to have less noisy signals.

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    Can you share a picture please?

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    Yes, it will be nice to see a trade setup on picture. The system is really simple but the multi time frame component can lead to more significant profit. Additional tests are needed.

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    I didn't look at the strategy yet, but just want to remind you that a few trades doesn't say anything about your strategies succes.

    Only with a big enough sample size, you'll be able to say more about that. That's why testing in demo or here at BOTS is a very good idea.

    Looking too much at the results of a few or even tens of trades, just makes you vulnerable to wrong conclusions. This can be in both ways: thinking the strategy sucks, but also in thinking it works.

    My suggestion: take time to test it and also learn more about other influences on your trades, like news events etc.

    Good luck!

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    Usually higher timeframes r used to analyse trend and lower timeframes used to identify expiry time. So using higher timeframe to confirm trend may produce better results in longterm.
    Moreover it may be a better idea to trade with longer expiry.

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    Hi all here,

    Sorry I didn't print screen the chart but if next time before I ask a question I will do this. I try this trade using my live Acount last nite. So rite now I will practice it through the demo plate from first.

    Thanks for all advise, i want to learn more about MACD, because still not confidence how to see the indicator for longer time frame.

    I think MACD indicator is really a magic, so I will stick to learn more about how to use it.

    If you guys have any good video about MACD or good article , can you guys please share with me?


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    hola bongsh2002..

    why don't you try to study "Best MACD Entries Strategy" in BOTS SCHOOL..

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    Quote Originally Posted by miji View Post
    hola bongsh2002..

    why don't you try to study "Best MACD Entries Strategy" in BOTS SCHOOL..


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    Hi All,

    Thanks to the MACD indicator, today i have made 5 succeed trades on 15 minutes and 30 minutes time frame.
    I feel so happy and this is actually my first time all strike with really go through the analysis of the trend and not shooting the duck. haha ~
    thanks to the and you all as well...
    i will keep this up!!

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