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    I am a newbie trader !!!

    Hi all,
    I was hoping to get people ideas of good websites to start trading with, i have been to a few, like binary 24 etc but found PowerOption to be the most simple platform and they offered me a great bonus i think of 10% Cash on all deposits for the next 2 weeks without pending bonus just cash, this sounds good? would like other peoples opinions please, much appreciated. i want to trade to make money, do i need a lot of money to start with? thnaks
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    Nope, doesn't sounds good.

    You sound relatively new to trading. In that case, a bonus is not advisable since it will tie you to a platform.
    I would suggest completely reading BOTS school first, then practice on CommunyTrader and think about the right approach, before even depositing any money.

    Taking a bonus is normally a bad decision for most recreational and/or beginning traders!

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    Thanks for your reply, BUT its a cash Bonus so atleast i will b getting something back ? and there are no requirements

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    Be sure you check the T&C very thorough!

    A bonus can easily lure you into trading to much/too high, costing you more money than the bonus will give you.

    Using a bonus when not really knowing how to trade yet is asking for trouble.

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    Hi, thanks so much for the info, but its like getting free money for my trades, they said they will pay it every Friday in to my account as cash, no terms. just cash

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    Hmmm, tricky...

    Why asking if you don't want to hear no?

    T.b.h. not sure if you're not advertising here. If not, my apologies.

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    I am not going to be trading large amounts - $50 prob.. and no not advertising !! haha, I do take your info in

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    It's your money

    Just wanted to make sure you understand that the real learning comes with investing time in study before you start trading live.
    Of course you can invest money immediately, but it's wiser to learn first. There will always be bonuses and brokers waiting for you...

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    You clearly know what you are talking about a lot better than me.. I thank and appreciate that and will take it on board..

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    Quote Originally Posted by yesyes79 View Post
    You clearly know what you are talking about a lot better than me.. I thank and appreciate that and will take it on board..
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