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    A Trader and A Coach.... !!!

    My Name is Mark Jason. Trading has been my passion for the past 8 years and i have traded actively for the past 5years. But it wasn’t until 2010 i became a full-time, professional trader to escape my stressful, yet high paid career.
    Then in 2012, i became attracted to Binary Options and since then, i have been trading heavily.

    Am here to help fellow traders grow!
    Feel Free to always contact me.

    Forex is my Love! Forex is my Life!!

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    Welcome to the forum Mark! ... seasoned veterans, who can be bombarded with a lot of questions are always a happy sight in here!

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    Welcome to our humble community. Glad to see some Forex veterans around (:

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    fantastic! our BOTS community are getting far even better. Much appreciate to see more veterans sharing unbiased review and forecast. Welcome binarycoach I'll be watching your thread regularly.

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    Thanks All for welcoming me home. Hmmmmmmm i feel at home now. hahahahahahaha.

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    Hi Marc! Welcome here Looking forward for your analyzes and trading commentaries!

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    Welcome Mark to CoummuniTraders. Its a pleasure to have you here.

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    Welcome Mark, nice to see a forex trader choosing binary trading.
    Please tell us more about which assets you trade mostly, also long or short term expirations?

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