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    How much to trade !!!

    Hi all,

    My name is Patrick, I'm a newbie trader. Recently I practice to use MACD indicator to trade on my live account. The indicator and strategy seems very nice, I win 5/5 trades and 4/5 trades and 3/4 trades per day . I only place 10 on every trade.

    Now I think want to increase my bet, but I don't know how much should I increase. My account balance now have 148 usd.

    Since I'm newbie, I'm afraid I will lose because of greedy. Souls you guys give me some advise or guideline?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Solid Member Zanadu's Avatar
    Hi bongsh

    Its nice to hear that you are successful with MACD which I am also using.

    This is the reason I have sent a friend request through Skype which is still to be accepted by you.

    Would it possible to add me on Skype (Edwin.alexander119) so that we would be able
    to communicate directly.

    I would be online today at least for another 3/4 hours

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    Hi Bong,

    Question is how big is your risk? biggest problem in trading is the risk, as long as we manage our risk then the profit will come by itself.

    Several questions to ask:
    How many consecutive losses can wipe out your account? (In probability, 5 consecutive losses is normal, 10 is uncommon but possible, 20 is rare but possible)
    How bad is your system when you have bad day? try to research first and you will know how big is too big.
    Do you feel strong rushing emotion when you place trade? (If yes, maybe your position size bigger than what you can accept)

    going through these questions, you will get the numbers.

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    In my opinion you should increase your bet a little bit each time you feel safe doing so. Do it couple of times and than stop... See how you are doing with the new risk, observe it.
    If you're doing good you can repeat the process and each time increase the bet with more percentage. The important thing in my opinion is to do it slowly and stop the increasing every time for observation.

    This is how I do it

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    Most videos and feed back I get say to limit your trades to 5% of bank roll
    for conservative trading and increase to 10% if you wish to be a bit more aggressive
    with your trades. I personally stay with 5% and have my trading amount increase as
    my BR increases.
    Just my way of trading. In binary options to make a steady profit and do not see trading
    as get rich quick scheme.

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    Hi Patrick,

    Trading has more dimensions than it looks initially. If you have breakeven results you are at the right track to profit, but it is still not enough to conclude that your system is good to fully rely on it i.e. to increase the risk per trade. I think with the deposit you have 150$ you don’t have to increase the risk even if you have the best system in the world, just because your 10$ options are close to 7% risk per trade and that is way too much. Just learn how to calculate your risk and than gradually manage it with the increase of your capital. I think it is too early to increase your bet size, unless you want to gamble which is not the best choice you can make I don’t think that Daniel’s advice is good, because when you are very beginner you don’t have the “feeling” for risk taking and can easily overtrade and lose your money. So I could just say be careful until you gain more experience. If you have more questions feel free to ask here. There are many traders willing to help you and guide you.

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    You should follow Kolyo's advise to trade which will put you on the right track. I, too don't agree with Daniel's advise BUT if you gradually made profit; you can utilize your profit to trade and increase your risk. For example, If you utlise your profit to trade and set your risk at 50% and if you lost, you still have your capital in your pocket and balance of the other 50% profit in your hand. Setting your risk high is a form of greed which can kill a trader.

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    Hi All,

    Very sorry for the late reply here, because I'm having Chinese New Year holiday with my family.

    Thanks for you all precious advise, I think I will stay at $10 first and slowly build my up my capital.

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