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    Lightbulb The Oil Patch – Live News and Updates !!!

    Hear ye all ye lovers of black gold, Texas T, Shale Oil and all the other forms of energy we pull out of the ground. This is the thread for you. This is where we are going to keep all the updates on oil news and oil industry news affecting binary options trading, which means everything that is important to oil. The Pros here at will be updating the thread daily to make sure that nothing is missed. Of course, to help out we invite all of you to join in the conversation and add your own updates and comments so long as they are pertinent to Oil. The thread is not limited to oil, but to all forms of energy, so be sure to look here for updates on natural gas, RBOB, propane, oil, crude, Brent and even on nuclear, wind and solar.

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    We're live and open for some Oil Talk!

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Key levels
    102.50 resistances
    101.60 resistances
    100.60 resistances
    100.26 last
    98.80 support
    97.70 support

    The weakening dollar has strengthened the price of oil so that it is once again climbed near $100 per barrel. The decline in the unemployment rate in the United States signaled a possible future increase in demand, which had a positive effect on the price of oil.

    The sharp rise in the price investors are considered excessive so that they began to close profitable positions as the previous trend stopped.

    Here is link below how I was traded.

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    My chart tells me 100-102 is good level of supply but with current price movement, Yesterday we have higher high created which tell us supply was not strong.
    Buying at current level is not interesting, at least wait for correction or supply break before entering any Long.

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    Iranian Oil Exports On Rise Despite Sanctions !!!

    Iranian oil exports are on the rise. Much more than the easing of sanctions should have allowed. This is raising concern that the real details of the deal to stop the Iranian nuclear program are not as they have been told to us by the Obama administration.

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    Good results in inflation in China had positive effect on the price of oil to China's second largest oil consumer in the world after the United States.

    On the other hand, disappointing industrial production data in the United States have limited the growth rates.

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    Bakken Shale Gas Production Drops In December !!!

    Production of shale oil and natural gas declined in December. This may be evidence of how fleeting the boost from shale oil/gas may be on the overall oil picture.

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    Syrian Oil Output Dives 96 Percent !!!

    The UN mediator Lakhdar Brahimi has apologised to the Syrian people after peace talks in Geneva ended without making progress.

    DAMASCUS: Oil production in Syria has plunged by 96 percent since the start of the 2011 anti-government uprising, with most wells now in rebel-held areas, the oil minister said Sunday.Suleiman al-Abbas said Syria was currently producing a mere 14,000 barrels per day, down from its prewar level of 385,000 bpd, state news agency SANA reported

    Peace talk and also oil output in Syria, if peace talk move smoothly oil production will pace up and oil price might be stalled to go up,
    Looking at current situation it seems no good news yet and oil price might move up further.

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    WTI Advances On Supply, Tops $102 !!!

    Crude oil topped $102 (WTI benchmark) with Brent and Nat Gas rising as well. Nat Gas climbed to above $5.50 and near to the most recent multi year high set just a month or so ago. cold weather, supply disruption and rising demand outlook for 2014 are all factors.

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    WTI Crude Rises on Cushing Supply Outlook !!!

    West Texas Intermediate crude rose for a second day on speculation that inventories at Cushing, Oklahoma, dropped for a third week.
    Cushing supplies fell 4.23 million barrels in the two weeks ended Feb. 8 as the southern leg of TransCanada Corp.’s (TRP) Keystone XL pipeline moved oil to the Gulf Coast of Texas from the hub.

    Boston received 2.5 inches (6.4 centimeters) of snow yesterday, bringing the total for the season to 56 inches, or 27.1 more than normal, according to the National Weather Service.

    Depleting supply and also bad weather both positive for Oil price

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