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    Hot Central Banking - Live News !!!

    Money. It's what makes the world economy go around. For that reason the world's central banks, the central banking system, is the most important factor in the global economy. This is the thread to come to when you want to find the latest updates on what is happening in this sector. We will be keeping track of the latest comments, speeches, meetings and policy changes made by the members and leaders of these institutions. No bank will be left out as each one has the power to move market. Each bank is tied to a currency, one likely traded by one of you, the greater CT trading community. Feel free to add your own comments or updates to the thread as you deem necessary, one of the Pros and others in the forum will be sure to answer you.

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    Janet Yellen is up in front of congress for testimony on the economy. This is here first public appearance and statements since taking over the FOMC!

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    Janet Yellen new president of the Federal Reserve will today his first speech to the U.S. Congress.

    The speech is likely to concern the current economic situation in America and the future direction of monetary policy.

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    Janet Yellen Speaks Before Congress !!!

    What she says will be very important. She must not spook the market. She must say something about the state of the economy ie Good/OK/Not OK/Bad. She must say something about the taper. She will need to be specific in order to appease congress but yet remain open to whatever comes. She will be walking a very narrow tight-rope.

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    There will be significant momentum on the markets this afternoo. Janet Yellen talk will shape the markets not onlyfor today but for next few days too! It will be an important driver for both forex and stock markets. I will closely watch the presentation and will trade according to the market sentiment few minutes after the beginning. This kind of trades are only discretionary and very short term 5 to 15 minutes expiration. Only for experienced traders as abrupt change in the market direction is highly possible.

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    She seems to be pretty stable, not to extreme, markets are ok for now.

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    The dollar continued to weaken during today's speech Janet Yellen. This is the first address of the new chairman FED U.S. Congress.

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    Inflation in the euro zone will remain below the level !!!

    The European Central Bank estimates that inflation in the euro area will remain below target levels in the next few years. The Central Bank believes that prices are stable while the rate of inflation close to but below 2%.

    The quarterly survey of the European Central Bank showed that the 17 euro zone inflation this year is likely to be 1.1% with the exception of Latvia, which recently joined the monetary union. The European Central Bank in the 2015th expected acceleration in inflation to 1.4% and the 2016th year to 1.7%.

    In the previous analysis, which was published in November, expected inflation of 1.5% in 2014 and 1.6% in the 2015 the year. Analysts believe that the cuts forecasts due to lower commodity prices, falling Euro and the weak performance of the economy and the labor market.

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    The Bank of England has updated its guidelines for future !!!

    The Bank of England has updated its guidelines for future interest rates. The Bank noted that it will not raise prices until the spare capacity in the economy of Great Britain do not fully filled. The bank has said it will consider a wider range of indicators: unemployment, wages, productivity and business research, when it decided to raise prices.

    Governor Carney said that the UK economic recovery took hold, but warned that it is not balanced and sustainable. He added that Britain's unemployment rate fell more rapidly than the Bank had expected, and that will be the spring down to the limit of 7%. During the last six months, since the future guidelines implemented, Britain's unemployment rate fell from 7.8% to 7.1%.

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    Very strong number with unemployment numbers surprise, BOE still cautious and expect spring back.
    With their economy recovering strongly, I think Poundsterling will keep the uptrend strong.

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