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    The North American Markets Live News And Updates !!!

    Live news and updates on the economy from North America.

    Welcome to the North American News Desk. This thread is dedicated to the current events driving one of the world's top economic regions. Within the thread find up to date news highlighting economic data, business news, earnings report and political events that could move the markets. Along with each update will be some commentary from one of our Pros. Whenever there is a market moving event in the U.S. this will be the place to find out about it. The BOTS team of Pros will be here daily making sure that the information you need to gain an edge on the markets is here at your fingertips. Feel free to add threads of your own, or to comment on what others have already posted.

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    We're open for business in North America!

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    The number of new homes in Canada fell in January to 180.000 units from 188.000. Analysts expected decline in 184.000 units.

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    US Jobless Claims rose 8000 last week !!!

    The number of new unemployment in the U.S. rose last week by 8.000 persons to 339.000 from 331.000, while analysts expected to remain unchanged.

    Retail sales in the U.S. dropped the second consecutive month in January to 0.4%, after falling 0.1% the previous month, while analysts expected an increase of 0.0%.

    Basic retail, excluding car sales, was 0.0% during the last month, and is forecast to rise 0.1%.

    Prices of new homes in Canada rose in December to 0.1%, while the predicted growth of 0.2%, after 0.0% in December.

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    I see jobless claims as steady over the past 6 months, some dips, some spikes but mostly around the 335,000.

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    Consumer Sentiment unchanged in the US !!!

    Consumer Sentiment unchanged at 81.2 points in February while economists predicted a decline to 80.6 points.

    Import prices rose in the US to 0.1% in February after rising 0.2% in the previous month. Analysts expected a decline to minus 0.1%.

    Industrial production fell in the US to minus 0.3% after rising 0.3%. It was expected a rise to 0.2%.

    Manufacturing Sales fell in Canada in December to minus 0.9% after rising 0.5%. Economists predicted a rise to 0.5%.

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    US long term purchases fell !!!

    US long term purchases fell in January to minus 45.9 billion from minus 28.0 billion in the previous month, while analysts expected a drop to minus $ 28.9 billion.

    The index of manufacturing conditions of the New York Fed had fallen in February to 4.5 points from 12.5 in December. Analysts had predicted a decline to 9.9 points.

    The index of new orders fell to zero with 11 points during the last month. The index of the number of employees dropped to 11.3 points from 12.2, which was the last month, indicating that conditions in the labor market remained stable.

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    Reduced the number of building permits in the U.S. !!!

    Number of building permits issued in the U.S. fell in January by 5.4% to 940.000 from December's 990.000. Analysts had expected a decline of 1.8% to 980.000.

    The report also showed that the number of new homes fell 16% in January to 880.000 units from 1.05 million in December. It was expected a decline to 995.000.

    Inflation in producer prices in the U.S. rose in January by 0.2% after growth of 0.4% percent in December.

    Basic price index rose by 0.2% over the last month after rising 0.3% in December.

    Canadian wholesale fell in December to 1.4% and is forecast to fall 0.5% after falling 0.2% in November

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    FOMC Minutes Stall Rally !!!

    The FOMC minutes did not reveal the fed sees any signs of weakness in the data to date and is set to move forward with the taper. Traders are awaiting data for signs the recent economic dip will end soon.


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    Unemployment Claims Steady, CPI remains tame !!!

    Intial claims for unemployment held steady around the 336,000 mark in this weeks advance report. Continuing claims ticked up but remains below 3 million. Unemployment seems to be stable, not improving but not getting worse.

    CPI remains tame with a +0.1% gain this month. Last month was also revised lower by a tenth to +0.2%. This data, in light of FOMC minutes yesterday is taper positive, expect another $10 billion at the next meeting unless things change for the worse.

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