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    Exclamation I NEED HELP or How to Make a Better a Title !!!

    I see many of our newcomers and existing members posting threads with titles like: I need help, Question?!, Help!, Tools, Strategy, Etc... Well, it might not get the attention you're looking for.

    Time for a story guys.

    Studies show that if an individual is in danger, he/she better start screaming "FIRE!!!" rather than "Help Me!!". Unfortunately, people do not always come for help... Some simply ignore Help cries, others might run away. However a "Fire" shout makes people brave! As strange as it seems, people will be willing to come for your rescue if it's fire we're talking about. So if you're in danger, don't cry for help. Shout "FIRE!!!!".

    The moral of the story is simple. If you need help, the title should shortly describe the problem. Your wish for help should activate the "brave" feelings inside our brains, instead of the "mercy" feelings. Try it, you'll be amazed (:

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    Master Member Bogdan G's Avatar
    Hehe, good one

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    fire fire fire......settle down Beavis.

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    Senior Member grindtime's Avatar
    Not Beavis & Butthead lol.... Beavis & Butthead should not be in a binary option forum! lol

    ahhhhh! ( Lightbulb ) ---- I'm launching a signal service where Beavis & Butthead give you the signals live via webcast! hahaha

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    Haha, cool story! And yes, a shortly described problem in the title is like a trader magnet. It will definitely win you more answers.

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    How do I ask a new question !!!

    I have a question but I can't figure how I start a new newbie with forums trading...I read the FAQ still can't figure how to do save time please answer me this I opened a demo account with 5000 I did 14 trades won 8 lost 4 tied on 2 with $100 with a payout of $170 and I ended up with 5160 my calculations say 5280....Do I need Math101 too?

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    my math is - 70*14 = 980+. 8*100 = 800-. Total should turn out 5180.
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    Hi, you won 8 which gives you 8*70=560
    Then you lost 4 trades with a 100 dollar investment each
    that gives you a 400 loss. So 560 - 400 = 160
    Total sum 5160
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    NICE...Thank you!!

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    I couldn't start a new threat. Please give me some ideas.

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