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    New and looking for a Friend! !!!

    Hello, My name is Frank, I've been wheelchair disabled since 1988 due to a car jacking in Chicago, where I was born and raised. Moved to Las Vegas in 2010 because I got tired of the cold and violence.

    I've been in the direct sales for many years but feel that my heart is not in it any longer. In the beginning I was inspired and motivated and was making good money but now I'm just barely getting by financially. I'm currently living on $800 bucks per month and needless to say, that's difficult but making the best of it.

    I'm here in this trading community to hopefully be taken under someone's wing for some one on one guidance and direction regarding binary options trading, I've done lots of research myself and saved all the trading platforms to compare to see which are the best one's, especially when it comes to WITHDRAWLS! I noticed that many of them are not in the U. S. and that freaks me out to know that any little money I could invest would go to another Country.

    Which brings me now to this binary trading arena and this website to hopefully learn as much as possible to start trading while making new friends along the way. In your own opinions, suggestions, recommendations and advise... which are the best ones to start with, I know it involves risk but as the saying goes... Nothing Risked, Nothing Gained.

    So there it is, I need your help!!! - And I'm not asking to get rich over night, I'm just thinking that if I can make at least $50 bucks per day that would be fine with me!!!

    Thank you so much for reading my story and hope to hear from a friend.
    Thanks. Frank

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    Hi Frank, good to have you here!
    Im really sorry to hear about what happened to you. Unfortunately, Im not new to tragic, as I've lost a friend in a horrible rоbbery gone wrong. You have my heart with you.

    Before we even start talking about trading and its possible benefits (profits), let's talk about loss. You must understand that in order to achieve success, you might suffer loss. It might even be a big loss. The question is, are you ready to take that risk? I'll ignore the possible "NO" answer to move on. Our motto here in CommuniTraders is - do it yourself. Learn and practice binary options trading, do NOT blindly follow signal providers. Personally, im not against Signal providers, but if you want to follow signal providers - you'd have no use in this forum. This is a learning and trading environment, where newbies like yourself learn, discuss or explain others how to trade binary options, and we'd love to have another member around(:

    Bottom line is, making $50 per day sounds amazing. It is achievable, only if you understand you must learn a lot before. and even after you learned it all, you might lose. We are all your friends here, all you have to do is to accept the fact that this won't be easy. I know I sound kind of depressing, but trust me - better understand the risks involved before going deeper into business (:

    First Step - Check out the first lessons of our Binary Options PreSchool. Enjoy, and welcome to CommuniTraders Forum!

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    Hi Franc! Welcome to CommuniTraders binary options trading community

    It is our great pleasure to see you on board. Martin post has many truths to be learned and it is best to start with the binary options school on the communitraders main site. Making 50$ per day looks easy, but there are many obstacles on the road to that goal, also there is no way to make 50 buck a day every day. Simply not possible because of the probabilistic nature of the trading! You couldn’t make any significant progress without investing a lot of your time and mind into this venture and especially to know exactly what to expect from it. It will be great if you start asking questions and to learn as soon as possible. That way you will easily learn how to trade effectively in relatively small period of time.

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    Hi Frank, glad you join us. All of us here help each other. Dont be shy to ask. You can start with our school section on our main site to learning the basics before trading.

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