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    A newb thats Super Charged! !!!

    Just wanted to make this official since almost everyone on this forum has introduced themselves. My avatar is Beset which means to attack from all sides and I hope to attack BOs in that manner!

    Was introduced to BOs on 1/8/14 through a website that advertised a form of martingale get rich quick system (Sadly,I fell for it). Signed up with advertised broker. Deposited $200 and traded for a week (Got it up to $308 and lost $40 due to a news release, that's when I decided I needed to figure out strategies because I realized I could lose everything fast...) and found out about BOTS shortly after. I had no idea where to find the news releases or even that Binaries had so many strategies. Currently still in the College portion of my training here. I still have a lot to learn. Hopefully soon I wont have to rely on good luck but instead good skill.

    Hit three goals of mine today on CommuniTraders (20k day! Learned how to be successful in 60sec expirys, and finally squeezed into your Top Ten on your LeaderBoard).

    Thanks to your platform, forum, and BEST OF ALL THE SCHOOL I feel I will be very successful in the world of binary options. Crazy to think I didn't even know they existed before 1/8/14. I bow down to all the pros, veterans, mods, and crazy regulars on this site. I appreciate all of you hard work and I look forward to one day being a good contributing member to this community. Take Care guys, and hope you're having a good day.

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    Hi Beset welcome on board.

    Me too is a newcomer started BO six months ago and still nowhere reached.
    I still learn and practice on Demo accounts and I am not very much comfortable with
    my performance so far.

    But what I know sure is that I SHOULD become a successful trader if not today then its tomorrow;
    if not this month, then the next month; and if not this year, then next year.

    I can understand your excitement, because I have gone through this stage once, not very long ago.
    You have to be very very careful while you lay your steps and its a place you can lose all your
    capital not once but several times. Its an almost sure fact.

    Be careful on depending on signal providers(though they provide some degree of performance in your
    trades) and online schemes. If you want to be successful YOU need to learn and achieve that degree
    of performance. Nothing comes near to that.

    On the other hand the time and efforts you invest in your learning program will go long way in making
    you a successful trader. BOTS school is "The" best place to learn and other sources should compliment
    that education.

    "Forex Factory" is a reliable news source apart from many other reliable sources such as Bloomberg etc...

    I am sure the pros in this site would guide you more on your path.

    Wish you all the best.

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    Welcome Beset!

    Like other PRO's here in BOTS, always go to school

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    Hello Beset! Welcome to our binary options trading community

    I see great enthusiasm from your first post and I am pretty sure you will keep it up in the future. Here you will meet so many passionate traders and will learn many valuable lessons from them that you couldn’t learn anywhere else. Best of all you can apply these tips into your demo trading CommuniTraders account before you go for a live trading. I am sure you will enjoy your participation in our forum

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    Welcome to CommuniTraders Beset!

    I am kindly inviting you to join all the discussions you want and to be part of our consistently growing community. That is a great pleasure to have such enthusiastic persons in CommuniTraders! Connect with our fellow traders, ask more and learn more and you will have great results!

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    My friend Beset, finally a proper introduction!!! Cheers mate

    Good having you around and thank you so much for your kind words!

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    beset I admire your persistence! way to go

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    Such a nice group of traders. I feel blessed to be a part of something great.

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    Welcome Beset. Wish you all the best!!!!

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