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    Is this website accurate (indicates how to trade) !!!

    it uses a bunch of indicators and predicts whther to call or put, or strongly put or strongly call on different timeframes

    I'm new and wondering if it would help using it along with technical analysis

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    I think it is a good combination of indicators and you could trust the site that they are calculated accurately but that is only one hand. The other hand is the question could you predict the market moves based on simple random combination of indicators. If all of them are pointing to buy it maybe is a good buy signal but you still have to determine which time frame you will trade – daily or shorter term expiry. So this is good start but you shouldn’t rely only on this set of indicators.

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    I'm surely not clicking on some random link and t.b.t., I don't think it will help you if you're not advertising.

    If you're aiming on some advertising, you're on the wrong address, since we don't like random advertisers, but if you're aiming on becoming a good trader, you're on the right address.

    In that case, you're better off reading the articles here on BOTS than on trying out some random indicators. First learn to trade and then start thinking about how to become a profitable trader. Simply using indicators will not bring you to that point...

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    Administrator Martin Kay's Avatar, former, is a great resources for Forex information. You might find great indicators there, however you should understand how to use these for Binary Options trading. Check our school or go Trading tools and indicators forum room.

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