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    Any experience with and ? !!!

    Hi fellows,
    I was contacted by phone by a guy I don't know from (who gave him my phone and email? Most probably one of the brokers I was with). He ask me to enter a deal where they provide me enter signals for binary options. For this service they are paid 10% by the binary options broker. The condition is to sign with a specific broker, and to sign a paper with where I allow them to bet on my behalf with my money (have to give them my password to the platform) if I do not bet when they ask me to do (I have to bet within 3 minutes they call me, so sometimes is difficult during the day).
    In return they promise minimum 80% success rate but there will be not many bets in a month, about 15.
    What do you think of this arrangement? Do any of you have such a deal and how it worked out?
    I am reluctant because the guy really put high pressure on me, called me several times, offered me a demo acccount then while online gave me 4 signals to enter, all were winners within 3 minutes.
    He wanted me to send the money from credit card immediately. I refused and asked to do it via SEPA bank transfer. He gave me the account number but the company name was different. They have a local account in my country in western Europe. They are based in UK they say. The web site has some grammar errors. See yourself.
    Any advice could help me make the decision.
    Many thanks.

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    To be honest, you lost me here ... about the brokers, who does what and how that should work ... in any case, all that doesn't sound trustworthy to me ... personally I wouldn't waste a second (or even money!) in that ...

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    Hi xceed,

    Better to stay away from such guys. Their intention to attract you in all cases smells bad.

    They can find all the arguments in the world to make you deposit funds, but that won’t mean they are the place to put your money. It will be better for you to decide by yourself which broker to select. The best way to do this is by checking our recommended binary options brokers list. It is updated constantly and the brokers there are very very carefully selected to have no significant complains against them and to be trusted, best support and reliable in all aspects.

    So it is not difficult at all to select your broker, just need to check the reviews. I have been personally trading with StockPair for more than a year and it totally rocks. The best broker for me in the world!

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    Thanks for the advice.

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    Don't let pressure determine your decision. That's my best advice. If you haven't find any reviews, any comments, any complaints about this broker - than why choosing it???

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