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Thread: G'Day Everyone

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    G'Day Everyone !!!

    G'Day Everyone,

    I'm new to this site and forums in general, I've been trading for a couple of months and now realise I know next to nothing and have been madly studying everything 8 hours a day so I can be a great trader, this BOTS site is awesome and I find myself here all the time learning from the binary school and reading the articles, I've had a few negative experiences listening to my account manager at one of my brokers and lost me a few thousand dollars, which has made me more determined to learn for myself and succeed. I live in Perth Western Australia, have and account with Banc De Binary and Option Fair, I am not affiliated with any groups or companies, I have read and seen a lot of scams out there, I'm also testing out 3 signals providers on paper at the moment and I am keen to hear from everyone about their trading strategies, happy trades, Mick out

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    Hey Mick.

    Then you are doing good studying. I used to sit hours and read about trading, I still do.
    You can never learn everything there is to learn. Fortunately, you don't need to know everything either.
    But the more you learn the faster you'll realize what suits you the best and what works for you!

    Yes, we will never run out of scammers.
    However, here at CommuniTraders we like to laugh at their silly attempts of fooling people

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    Hi Mick,

    Welcome to our trading community! I wish you happy learning and trading too Never give up, be patient and you will find the way to outperform the average losers. The most important you need is independent thinking and understanding of the inner mechanisms of the market. Following blindly somebody else signals won’t move you one step ahead. Don’t forget to start using CommuniTraders demo platform. It is a great way to practice and share without risking your own capital.

    Best regards,
    CT Team

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    Welcome here mate!

    Great to have you on board

    Learning from BOTS school is the best to do at the beginning!

    Everyone of us was starting from there and I really like it so much. If you have questions don’t hesitate to ask!

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    Welcome aboard mate!

    Glad to see another trader joining our forum community.

    see you around

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    Hi Mick, a big welcome to BOTS!!!!

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    Thanks guys, I appreciate the warm welcome

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    Quote Originally Posted by KarrathaMick View Post
    Thanks guys, I appreciate the warm welcome
    You are welcome buddy

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    G' day Mick I am in the same boat as you just study and more study then trial it and then check till I have the confidence to invest a maximum 3% a trade and a maximum of 15% in one day . Sorry you got off to a bad start with account manager. My account manager showed me is record recently 2 loses at $250 each then 4 wins at investment of $5000 ( as if ) Good luck mate Best John

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