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    Optimarkets is legit? Option Bit 2.0? !!!

    After I deposited 200$ into my account today in Optimarkters I saw some negative reviews about it when it comes to withdrawing the money. I am still optemistic about it. Does anyone have any positive experience with them?

    I also would like to know if the software Option Bot is good and the website is good?

    Is it too late for me? Did I lose the 200$?
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    I donít know is it good or bad, donít have experience with them but better to stick with the trusted and much better brokers on the CommuniTraders recommended list. You will safe much more efforts if you donít check every broker out there. I hope they will return your money back, but that is not guarantee unfortunately. The same for this options bot, I donít recommend you to trade real money with options bots even if you have money to waste, donít do that. You can learn from their trades but most of these signal providers lose money sooner or latter. Best way is to learn how to trade by yourself! Keep track of your demo trades here in CommuniTraders platform.

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    Hi John, don't be so upbeat. I've also seen good reviews, but if you want to be sure- make afew trades and try to withdraw. You could also take marvels advice. He is a veteran member of our forums community, so rest assured. More about optimarkets on forum -

    Optiobot - try this optionbot 1.0 review. I'm sure not much changed.
    I've also seen this optionbot2.0 discussion -!/page2

    hope that answers your questions. This thread will be closed, please follow my links above. Cheers

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