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    Withdrawl Turnover !!!

    Hello All. I am looking to get into binary options trading but I am concerned with the withdrawal restrictions. Brokers have this rule that you must trade a certain volume before you are allowed to withdraw from your account. I have also read places that this limit is imposed only if you take the bonus. I am not interested in any bonuses. Therefore, what broker services (if any) are there that allow US traders and have no turnover limitations on withdrawal? I should be allowed to withdraw without any volume restrictions. I understand time limits and withdrawal fees, but no volume restrictions. Thank you for your help.

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    Hi Shooter,
    I looked into this also when I first got started, I believe you have already answered your own question though, the trading volumes can be quite high if you accept the brokers bonus, and wouldn't recommend it unless its a small amount that you don't want to withdrawn for several months, keeping it to a cash account allows you full control or your funds and can be withdraw at any time, (check minimum withdraw amount with your broker) I personally wont accept bonuses as I don't like my money being locked away from me under those conditions, I don't know of any brokers that would give you a bonus and let let you withdraw it without making the volume restrictions as everyone would just milk that cow dry until the broker was bankrupt. Once you have selected a suitable broker check they withdraw policy on their web site, it usually states if there are any conditions for withdraws, cash accounts wouldn't usually attract any difficulties with withdraws, hope this helped

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